Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wedding Photos: Chapel Wrap-Up

When we last left off with wedding photos, we had just recapped the wedding ceremony itself.

We took off in our sweet ride around the block before circling back and meeting the photographers (CarisDesign or here) for some family portraits and then a few photos with our sweet ride. 

But - first up - a quick powdering of the nose.  I don't think anybody can understand my distaste for any kind of shine on my face.  Hate it!   Love my sweet bridesmaid who was on face duty the entire day.  Lifesaver!

Had a lot of fun cheesing with my sweet girls.  I think the whole experience had been a little overwhelming for them (oh, and me!) at this point, so we had to work quickly.


And we couldn't pass up a quick pic with their little brothers... and this is when I realized that Mr. RH didn't understand what I meant when I said "MaryKate and Ashley pose."  Um, isn't that standard? 

And the whole gang!

We snapped a ton of other family pictures, but those aren't nearly as exciting without a bunch of babies in them.

We then proceeded to a local park to snap a few pics with our sweet ride.

So, how did we come to acquire such a ride?  Excellent question.

We had researched some car services that offered wedding day services.  Shuttling between venues, champagne, etc etc etc.

The price?  Unbelievable.  $2k for a couple of hours.  Umm... I may think I'm a baller, but NO. Flipping. Way.

I researched a few local car clubs, and saw some promising cars there, but we didn't really get anywhere.  Until the Fourth of July.

A local car club held a car show and expo over the weekend, so my dad and I headed to the show to look around.  We walked up and down the rows and saw tons and tons of really souped-up muscle cars.  Right as we were starting to admit defeat - we saw this gorgeous car parked at the end of the row.

The owner - a sweet man in his 70s had just picked it up from being restored the day before.  I won't even say that I can imagine how much money was put into this car - only that it was definitely more than my entire college education.  Eeek!

 It was such a great find - and our chauffeur was so thrilled to be asked.  SUCH a lucky find.  Major props to my dad for negotiating that deal.  Pretty sure we basically only paid for the gas for him to drive us around.  WIN.

Of course, my photographers loved our awesome prop and we had fun giving it our best Blue Steel.

I feel like these photos make us look much more glam than we are in real life.

When the photographer asked me to lean on the car near the end of our photo shoot (below)... I'm pretty sure I said "Do you know how much this car cost?  NO!"

In these pics, I'm pretty much standing vertically while leaning sideways.  No way in hell I'm leaving a dent!

Even though the car was built like a tank and I doubt I could have dented it if I tried.  The threat was enough to scare me!

 We actually got our driver to drive through a puddle in the parking lot - he told us he's gone years in his other cars without touching water.  OOPS!

Sweet man.

Sweet Caddy. 

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Meg @ write meg! said...

That is such an awesome story of finding your car and its driver -- love it! And yeah, y'all look pretty baller. I'm impressed. Love it!

(Also, look likes you had a truly GORGEOUS day, weather-wise. I remember thinking about you that entire day as I was running around the weekend before my sister's wedding! Geesh! Is it weird to have post-wedding hives just remembering all that stress? I was way more anxious before my sister's September wedding than my own. Eek!)

Sarah said...

Such a cool story of finding the car!! I seriously can't get enough of your dress and veil. You guys looked gorgeous!! :)

Karen said...

Did you take a pic with the sweet old man???

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Yes Karen we did!! I'm going to print and mail it to him!

Gina said...

How smart is that! You are the most beautiful bride!!


Gorgeous photos! I love the story of finding the ride.


Sonya said...

The photos with the kids are too cute! And that car is to die for! What a deal. The first picture cracks me up because your husband sort of has this look of "will I have to be the one to do this for her now".

Lauren jonczak said...

These are great wedding photos! I love that you have blue shoes. :) Your photographer was great, got some really great shots. I searched for what seemed like thousands of cabo wedding photographers before finding the right one. That is so funny that you called it the Mary Kate and Ashley pose, that's what I called it as well. Aww what a sweet man, I am happy that you are going to mail pictures to him. I am sure you guys made his day! Thanks for sharing your wedding experience with us!!

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