Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Photos: Going to the Chapel

When I left off with wedding photos last, we were just rushing off to the chapel to make it on time to our own wedding.

Luckily, my maids and I made it to the wedding with at least 20 minutes to spare - and Mr. RH was there way before I was.  

I spent 15 minute rushing around in the (hideous!) church basement with the flower girls, bridesmaids, and a couple of AMAZING friends who could style my sweet flower girls' hair since their naptime overlapped with hair appointments.  

Meanwhile, my photographers (ahem CarisDesign or here) were snapping some photos in the church.  And for the grief I've enumerated here and a billion other tiny bullet-points that I never pointed out - like how the music coordinator left her job and nobody told me.  Or there was a random fee due 6 months before I found out, could you pay it right here and now in cash?  - this church was absolutely the perfect setting for our wedding.

Of course - all the grief and rules and everything has faded from memory - so that also helps!

Can you believe that when I was in elementary school this church had orange carpeting from wall to wall? 

Praise baby Jesus that was done when I was younger.

Aaand then... cuteness overload. Bring on my nieces, the cutest flower girls. 

I had originally not given "the baby" any flowers because I figured she would bang them on someone's head or end up throwing them.  Hey, at least she held onto them!  (Although you can see from the pic below - she's ready to strike.)

At one point, two of the girls were walking backwards and being goofy.  They got LOTS of laughs!

Also, if you need inexpensive flower girl dresses (and your original company screws you a month before the wedding) - highly recommend Flower Girl Dress For Less!!  It's difficult to find a variety of sizes in the same styles, so YAY!

And then... my dad and I had our big moment.  Too bad he forgot to smile!  I, however, had pasted that smile on good and tight!

And finally reunited.  Pretty sure I was gripping his hand for DEAR LIFE at this point. 

I am not biased whatsoever; I had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bridal party.  Ever.

The whole entire gang.  Throughout the whole wedding-planning process, I was obsessed with the fact that we didn't have near enough people to fill such a grand church... and in the end, it really didn't matter.

And then - vows and rings and such.  And one of the few photos of my sweeeet eBay wrap.  I'll have to post more details on my splurges and steals later.

I suggest that if you pick a preggo Maid of Honor... have THE MOST GORGEOUS preggo ever.  Seriously, I am even a little jealous of how beautiful she was (that day and every day). 

And we did it!! 


Woo hoo!!  We survived!

We got the sweet flower girls outside and the shoes came off.  They charmed the pants off all of the guests.

There was a sweet ride waiting for us outside with the SWEETest chauffeur.  I'll definitely have to tell the story of how we found him!

The interior of the car SERIOUSLY matched my color scheme.  Perfection.  Sweet Cadillac perfection.


And then we were off!! (Around the block to clear the church and get a few family pictures.)

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Whitney said...

Your church is STUNNING! How long was your ceremony? Did you have a full mass? Did you cry? I need these details.

Jeanie said...

I love seeing these pictures!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Your dress is just so beautiful! Very classy, expected nothing less! Those flower girls are adorable and of course, you're right, a gorgeously pregnant Matron of Honor! I wouldn't have noticed she was if you hadn't said so! Simply gorgeous.

BriBrooke said...

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BriBrooke said...

I remember you writing that you worried your colors would 4th of Julyish, but it wasn't at all. Everyone popped and it looked so classy. Loving your pics. I need to get around to posting mine.

Anderson Asfe said...

Awww the wedding was so beautiful! I love the brides dress. So elegant and pretty!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That chapel is stunning!

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