Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Putting Issues to Bed

Long before Mr. RH and I got married, I knew we would have some major issues in the bedroom.

Thankfully, not the dirty issues you're thinking of (don't lie, I know you are), but, more specifically: sleeping issues.

I knew the major ones off the bat: my bedtime is closer to 10 pm, and his preferred wake-up time is closer to 11 am.  You do the messed-up math.

We argue constantly about "proper" bedtimes, although it's usually remedied by me having a glass of wine and going to bed whenever I feel like it.  Ahem.

So, this post is actually about another problem.  And holysheet it's annoying.

This, my friends, is our bed.

Our bed isn't really green, but just go with me here.  Wanted to provide a visual illustration without showing you the actual bed.  Cause that felt kinda weird.

This, below, is our bed and the way our sheets hang over the edge.  I would say we have a solid 6-8 inch overhang on each side, just enough so that when we lay in the bed, the sheets come up to the edge of the mattress.

 In a perfect world, the flat sheet and comforter would have a solid 1-2 feet of overhang on each side of the bed.  Plenty of sheet for us to snuggle up in without disrupting the other person. 

Currently, in the land of the frigid, we have been fighting in the middle of the night because one person pulls/rolls into the sheets and the other person is suddenly exposed to the frigid air.

Is there a solution to this sheet fight?

As a kid, I actually had a queen sized comforter for my twin bed... sooo, in this situation, do I just need to buy double king sized comforters and all the sheets that entails??

Is there a solution to my problem??

Does anywhere have good mix and match sheet sets?

I won't tell you how long we had to search to find a sheet set that was of acceptable smooth-ness (to me) and softness (to him). 

We may just have to keep separate beds. 

Just call us Lucy and Ricky. 

(Please help!)

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Melanie said...

Adam and I dehave a queen bed... I like to sleep wrapped up (he calls me his "little baby burrito") so we often fight over the covers. We have queen sheets, but we put a king blanket and comforter on the bed. That definitely helps. And then when it's extra cold or we have a night where we both desperately want to be wrapepd up, we just get other blankets and each have an extra individual blanket. It's not perfect, but it works.

We have the bedtime issues, too. We're both by nature night owls, but since I work from home and he has a commute, he has to be up early whereas I do not. I was doing good this summer about getting up when he did, but it's just too hard now that it's cold and miserable. As long as I get in the bed when he does, he doesn't care if I read or something... he just wants me in the bed when he gets in it. So he goes to sleep, and then I read, play on the ipad, whatever til I am ready to go to sleep.

Ah, the things that marriage brings into our lives...

Tess said...

I know you can buy separates for sheets are target. My fitted sheet ripped and I was so relieved I didn't have to buy an entire set.

And, our sleep schedules are totally different too. I like to get into bed at 9 (because I'm a grammy) and Joel doesn't come in until 11 - and he wakes up at like 4:30 and I wake up at 7.

Don't ask me how he can function either, still trying to figure that one out.

Sonya said...

My husband and I have always had different bed times. He is always up later and gets up earlier. I need my sleep! I actually trained him when he started working again to pick out his clothes at night for the next day and put them in the other room. We have no light in the closets. Then he also shuts the door so I can hopefully sleep longer when he gets up because his leave time changes daily.

As for the sheets and comforters...we have a queen. I put on the fitted sheet. I stopped using the flat sheet because we can't share, it's too small. Then we each have our own blankets that we sleep with. No sharing! I just fold them up and put them in the closet in the morning. We don't sleep with the comforter. It's a pain to wash and I love clean sheets and blankets. Also we have a heated mattress pad for the winter and we can each control the heat. It works for us and we are perfectly happy.

Megan Garrott said...

We are a 2 blanket family too! His and her bedding if you will. It may look crazy, but I cannot be cold.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I tried commenting on your last post about the Blizzard Baby, but my darn phone was preventing it. Anyways, it cracked me up and apparently stayed with me long enough to comment about it the next day.
We have a king size bed and generally do fine with the cover ratio, although Ty likes to wrap himself like a burrito and if he goes to bed before me I have to pull more covers to my side. Well, the dog peed on our bed. (GRRR!) I took the comforter to the dry cleaners and while it is gone we have been using two different comforters. (Ty doesn't use the top sheet. Weirdo.) We have discovered that we really like having separate comforters. Maybe that is your solution...everyone gets their own blanket. :)

Amanda said...

I am with a lot of the other comments. Buy sheet separates. Buy a size up on your top sheet and a size up on your comforter. My husband is really cold so we keep an extra blanket folded on the foot of bed during the day and then pull up on his side of bed at night.

Karen said...

Separate blankets for sure! In our house we have the added bonus of a dog who likes to pull the comforter down on his side and "camp" under it.

mangovino said...

I suggest investing in a down duvet and cover first of all. It's the warmest thing EVER and it's so easy to take the cover off and wash it instead of trying to wash a huge comforter. We have a king sized bed so there's no way to Up Size the coverings but if you have a queen bed, that's the way to go for sure. As far as bed times, good luck with that! I am a night owl but go to bed with Mark 99% of the time because I can't resist the snuggle time. And I get up with him because I'm a weirdo and always make him coffee, pack his lunch and kiss him goodbye. <3

Michelle said...

My husband and I have our own blankets in bed… We "grew" to having the same bedtime over the last 4.5 years. :)

"B" said...

Perhaps my husband and I are the odd ones out. LOL. If I am cold I basically sleep on top of him since he is a furnance and then I somehow manage to wrap the blanket around both of us. Not sure how it works but it does;) Thirdly our young daughter also sleeps in bed with us and is normally smushed into me as well so I have heat from both sides. I will say our blankets are the biggest I can find. We also go to bed at the same time even if that means I pass out on the couch for an hour. He wakes me up or I him and off we go. Weird I'm sure.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We have that problem too. I started adding a blanket on top of the comforter and sheet that we share, and that seems to prevent any stealing of sheets.

We've also tested out each having our own blanket underneath the main comforter. That sort of works too.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I know lots of people who use separate blankets at night. Keep his across the foot of the bed and then he can just use it when he comes to bed later than you.

KK @ www.preppypinkcrocodile.com

Claudz said...

I think my husband would have a lot to say about this...but I have no problem :) that means I am the blanket taker! Add a cat who sleeps in the middle creating a dead-weight.
Good luck and sleep well!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Five years into marriage, we still have this problem. My next step is to buy a king-size duvet and and flat sheet so we have a little extra room! I'm definitely a snuggler.

Darlene said...

25 years of marriage...2 separate comforters and blankets-no top sheet. It works for us.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't sleep with the sheet. Just can't do it! He loves to pull the comforter all the way up to his face. I feel smothered. We now have a blanket, a comforter and a quilt. It works.

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