Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Right on the Nose

Ladies and other ladies, we are less than 48 hours out from a serious WEDDING PHOTO DELIVERY, so the chances of me writing anything coherent are... less than nothing.

This past Friday, I decided to throw Mr. RH a bone and help get some pictures on the wall.  He has been a rock as far as helping me settle in and make the apartment feel like my home, so hanging a couple of pictures seemed like a nice, easy compromise.

So, of course, I decided to do the slightly more difficult thing and use those sticky 3M hooks to hang a few of the pictures instead of a simple nail in the wall.  Because it's an apartment and I don't want to fill in anybody's nail holes.

Ten minutes later and I realize that the hook require more than 2 hands and I'll have to wait for Mr. RH to help me level the photos, especially since I was hanging 2 pictures side by side.

So I wait.  Mr. RH walks in the door, tells me to use my iPhone as a level, and that it's a one-person job.

Teamwork, honey.  Thanks a lot.

So he puts the iPhone on top of the picture I'm trying to straighten... and I gingerly try not to move and get the frame in place and.... BAM.

The phone falls and nails me directly in the nose.  As, I would like to point out, I predicted it would.

I am immediately crying, tears streaming down my face from the pain.  Four days later and I still have a tender spot on the top of my nose.... thankfully, no bruise.  Or I'd have to tell people that my husband did it.

The question remains... who's fault is it?  The wife who asked for help (amateur!) or the husband who placed a very heavy, expensive level above his precious bride's face to be helpful?

I think we all know where my vote lies.

Side note: Does THIS look straight to you?!  Honestly.  WTF, my life.

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BriBrooke said...

Ha! I feel ya. Apparently it's only my repsonsible for find a home for all our new gifts. The pic on the left I would tap the bottom right corner up just a bit.

Whitney said...

I just think in the future, any time you spend an extreme amount of money on something he doesn't agree with, you should be like, "Well it was cheaper than that nose job I almost had to have!"

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