Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Bachelorette-ing

One of my bridesmaids tweeted me yesterday and told me I was dumb (duh) and left out one of the most fun and exciting parts of the bachelorette party - and she was TOTALLY right! 

I'm gonna go back and edit my post from yesterday to include it... but on Saturday night, worn out from our 20 minutes in a bar, we headed home and I was already sad about MY WEEKEND being over.  (Cue dramatics.)

So I lamented out loud that we never even enjoyed the lake, and whined some more... and then told everyone that, (CUE DAD VOICE) "We are going IN THE LAKE."

(I'm not sure it happened exactly like that, but you know... close.)

So, past midnight, the sleepy town of Lake Geneva got five screaming bachelor-ettes to jump off a dock and into the surprisingly-warm water.  (Ok, I would say 3 jumped, and 2 barely made it off the dock ladder.)

The preggo got a pass on this activity (although she attended while wrapped in 2 comforters), and the rest of us had to figure out how to get from the water to the house without touching the frigid air.  TERRIBLE!

I believe it was also at this time when I acquired approximately 2 dozen chigger bites to my ankles.... and let me tell you - if you don't know what a chigger bite is - you do NOT want to know!!  (AKA it's approximately 5x worse than terrible mosquito bites - and there are TONS of them!)


Next up, I would be remiss if I didn't note my own awesome contribution to the bachelorette festivities.

I wanted to gift everyone a tiny little something in gratitude for them schlepping their booties to Wisconsin when we're all so busy.... and of course my mind came up blank.  Luckily, I was able to craft up some classy "bachelorette pimp cups" to complete the weekend.  And they were pretty damn awesome.

I took a photo of the whole set, but it's basically the worst photo of all time, thanks to a thumb-photo-bomb.  Oops.

I put a chapstick, some candy, and a few random other things inside.... but I probably could have skipped that step.  It was honestly just nice having labeled cups for the weekend!

So, I think that just about catches us up on the bachelorette festivities.  I feel like getting those photos out took several lifetimes!

But never fear, I'll be back tomorrow with never-ending updates on WEDDING PLANNING.  Try to hover on the edge of your seats, mmmkay??

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BriBrooke said...

Wish I would blog more instead of lurking blogs- but girl I'm in total freak out mood. I get married 3 months from tomorrows and I don't have invitations picked out! So much to do...

Tess said...

Ohhhhhh what a fun memory!

And also - it's so perfect that you have all of your girls Tumblr's. Every time I see one I think of you and your wine drinking abilities!

Tracy said...

I need to know more about those cute tumblers! Where did you find them? Are those stick-on letters? Heading to Pinterest now. :)

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