Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, Woof.

Soo.  It's been a rough couple of days around here.  There's so much I wanted to write, and so much I wanted to say, but it all feels a little raw and personal right now.  If I could magically take other people out of the equation, it would be easy to write about, no problem.

But unfortunately, life's little (big) curveballs didn't just hit me... blah.

Is it wrong to just word-vomit out a post of what's causing me angst?  Or does the world have enough whiners?  One may never know.

  • Allergies.  W.T.F.  I know this has happened before, because I actually have THREE prescriptions for medications to help fix it - but my eyelids are taking a BEATING from allergies.  Literally, my eyes are swelling shut more and more each day from goodness-knows-what.  They itch so bad I could make them bleed in about 2 minutes if I wanted to.  GROSS.
  • In about a month exactly, Mr. RH and I get the keys to our newlywed apartment.  YAY!  Except - we don't have any furniture.  And I have thrown repeated hissy fits because it's not in the budget to buy any right now.  I'm waiting for someone to slap me and shake my shoulders and tell me that I need to get ahold of myself.  Furniture really has nothing to do with that, though. 
  • Jobs.  Both Mr. RH and myself are going through mega angst with our work situations right now.  It's shocking we're even able to have normal conversations with each other right now because we are both so tense.  YAY.
  • Food.  We had a wedding-food tasting last night that was extremely weird.  We get there, eat, except NONE of the food is labeled or identified in any way.  If we're supposed to be eating our favorites and choosing our wedding food... wouldn't you label what each item is?  Makes no sense.  And then, after waiting around for someone to help us, she chases after me as we are leaving the facility.  Not her fault other people were monopolizing her time, but still!  Blah.  On the upside, I ate at least 2 pieces of cake and it was PERFECTION.
  • I found the perfect flower girl dress last night - unfortunately, the only size they have that I need is 18-months.... not the size 3 and 5 I still need.  So, back to the drawing board.  Yes, I could have similar ones made, but that's not exactly up my money-saving alley.
 Damn you, pretty dress.
  • The ungodly humidity we've been dealing with FINALLY broke last night, meaning I can now shake my spray paint and get on some wedding DIY projects.  You know, after I had two whole days off with 80% humidity in which I couldn't paint.  
Hope your Thursday is going less whiney than mine is.  Or more wine-y.  Either one works.

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KatiePerk said...

Hooray for projects! I hope your allergies get under control soon. That is the pits!

Annie said...

I have recently found wonderful furniture from Craigslist! New furniture is too expensive!

Gretchen said...

This is one of the worst allergy seasons on record. I feel ya, girl.

Love, Sarah said...

I feel your pain on allergies! For a quick fix I use chamomile tea bags over the eyes. You just brew it for a couple min, let them cool and place over the eyes. It's actually really relaxing as well! That may help. I ended up having to see a doc and getting prescribed some heavy duty eye drops and that worked wonders. Hope you find some relief soon!

Sarah said...

Feel better soon!!!! Allergies are the worst.

Mrs. Jones said...

Feel better!

I'm with you on crazy work angst - and getting sick. Here's to it almost being the weekend!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

yayyy for wedding planning! That is so exciting! found your blog through the link up!! super dang cute! just catching up on the rest of your posts! :)

hwall1018 said...

Ugh. Your wedding emotionness sounds about as awesome as mine. Queue bridezilla meltdown tonight. Message me on Twitter or Facebook if you need to chat. Happy to vent!--Haley H.

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