Monday, July 8, 2013

75 Days

Every time I prepare to do this post.... I can't help but say SHITS GETTING REALLY REAL.  Basically, shit is real-er than last time I posted this.  For certain.

We have a move-in date for our newlywed apartment, have taken two dancing lessons and learned that Mr. RH has a natural talent and I have 3 left feet, have a dinner tasting with my preggo MOH on Wednesday (I'm almost as excited as le bebe!).... and I ordered my invitations just a couple days late.  Huge weight lifted there!

I re-formatted my Giant To-Do list to break it into more attainable goals... but yeah, it's still a giant OMG.

If you have any insight into something I've missed, you KNOW I want to know about it!  I've also removed a lot of the things that are done.... but of course, that makes my list look extra sparse!  Eep!

  • Gift for Groom - need ideas
  • Wedding Jewelry - Returned earrings, repurchased them (with more cash back thanks to ebates!)…. I still can’t decide if the chandeliers are too big for the ceremony. 
  • Garter - I want one even if it'll never be seen.... I think.
  • Guest Book - I'm thinking I want something that we can frame and hang on the wall.  Etsy?!
  • Order Three Flower-Girl Dresses (Yep, gained a flower girl.  The “baby” is a big girl now!
  • Toasting Flutes - on the registry...
  • Bridesmaids Gifts - got part of it ordered.... need to figure out some more.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Dress - I've scoured the internet and haven't found the one.
  • Cake Stand and Server - I want.  
  • Gifts for Parents
  • Book Videographer - still struggling over this.  My dad, head of the finances, says unequivocally NO.  Not sure if we can swing what I want otherwise.  Also, I have 6 paychecks until this wedding.  Not enough.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invites
  • Music List to DJ
    • Toss the Bouquet?  How do we feel about this?  I kinda feel bad doing it… it’s cute when everyone’s younger, but I feel like it’s more awkward now that so many people are married.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Music/Activities
  • Find out if I passed the Natural Family Planning class (this deserves a whole post)
  • Update Wedding Website - this needs major help
  • Registry - probably need to update it
  • Find a Makeup Artist
  • Hair Trial - Wednesday before the wedding
  • Makeup Trial
  • Second (Potentially Final?) Dress Fitting - August 21st
  • Meet with Florist and Finalize Flowers
  • Start to Create Centerpieces – I’m DIY’ing these.  Gulp.
  • Address and Mail Invitations
    • Stuff Invitations with a Local Map - aka make a map and print it.
  • Photo Wish-List for Photographer - see my pinterest account?
  • Book Bridal Party Transportation from Wedding to Reception - aka PartyBus?  Yikes.
  • Write toast to Parents
  • Bridal Emergency Kit – put it together.  Now, seriously.
  • Bachelorette Party - July 27-28 - SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.  I’m bummed that alllll the babies mean attendance will be down, but happy to spend time with just a few of my most precious girls.
  • Bridal Shower - August18th – just got a tiny sneak peek on the invite.  DYING.
  • Moving Into Newlywed Apartment – August 15th.  Not a lot going on that week or anything.  WOOF.
  • Get Marriage License
  • Have Lace Bolero/Wrap (required by church) Tailored 
  • Second/Final Dress Fittings
  • Count every minute until engagement photos are edited… one. Two. Three. Infinity.
  • Order Engagement Photo Prints, Canvas, Etc
  • Confirm Rehearsal Dinner with Priest, Bridal Party
  • Wedding Day Itinerary and Schedule (for family and bridal party)
  • Meet the new priest who will be marrying us.  Find out if we have to take more per-marital counseling.  Whine about my misfortunes on twitter.  
  • Contact the marriage coordinator at my parish church, who then coordinates with the church we are being married in.  They've been combined and separated multiple times since I was a kid, yay paperwork.
  • Make a Chart for Ceremony Seating – Distribute at Rehearsal to Ushers/Groomsmen
  • Choose Readings for Ceremony
  • Find Ceremony Readers, Gift Bearers
  • Pick Ceremony Musicians, Music.  Current music director is on maternity leave.  Soo….
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Say “I Do”
  • Verify Getaway Car Transportation  (Wedding Week-Of)
  • Candy Bar – we have such a sweet tooth.  And by “we” I mean me.  I need sour worms and M&Ms to keep my feet moving at the reception.
  • Tasting for Reception Venue - July 10th
  • Head Count to Caterer – September 6th
  • Seating Chart
  • Place Cards
  • Kid-Friendly Entertainment – coloring pages, crayons, etc
  • Make “Card Box” for Reception
  • It might be a tiny bit cheesy, but I really need to have a "sparkler exit" at the reception
  • Coordinate who will be responsible for gifts after wedding
  • Tips for Staff
  • Going-Away Outfit
  • Honeymoon - booked flights and a condo in Florida starting the day after the wedding
  • Arrange for Tuxes to be Returned
  • Order Thank-You Notes
 What am I totally forgetting?  Packing for a honeymoon?  THAT ought to be a real treat, I hate packing.

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Annie said...

Maybe you two could do something for your home later instead of doing gifts for each other now? It could alleviate stress.

Seating charts = stress. Just a forewarning. We had 5 people who were supposed to attend our wedding that didn't show up. That would have made our seating chart wrong. Things just changed so much at the last minute for us.

Maybe your cake company has a stand you can rent?

I wrote cards to each of our parents instead of announcing our feelings at the rehearsal or reception. This may be easier for you? Just a thought.

Try to do your hair and makeup trials the same day then go try on your dress. It could help you make the decision on your earrings and see your whole look together!


Meg @ write meg! said...

Whew! You really are getting close. My sis and her fiance just signed the lease for their new apartment yesterday, and he's moving in at the beginning of August... eek! Definitely getting real for them, too. (And for me. But I'm four months out and not panicking just yet. [All things in time.])

As far as the guestbook print, I scoured Etsy for the perfect one and went with the popular "sign a leaf of our tree" motif. We got a canvas print from this shop and are thrilled with it!

As far as thank-you notes go, I've been tearing up some Groupons for Vistaprint and ordering personalized ones at every opportunity. They frequently have deals where you pay $17 for $70 worth of products, and $70 will buy you lots of thank-you cards! Heh. And they're adorable! They have so many wedding-themed ones you can personalize with your married names, initials, etc.

southernbellejm said...

For my husband, I had him cuff links made. (thought they would be a nice heirloom!). They were maps. One link was the location of our first date, and the other link was the location where we were married.

Garters? I wore one. I had them made. They were a combination of our schools. Auburn for him and Memphis for me. Really cute:)

Guest book---our photog including this in our package. It was a book with all our engagement pictures and people signed in the various spaces. It sits out on my coffee table, and I look at it often:)

Bridesmaids gifts---one of my gifts that was a hit was a bath wrap. That way they could do their makeup, be clothed, and not worry about getting it on their clothes. I had them monogrammed. They were pink with leopard trim. So cute:))

Hope this helps:) email me if ya need to!

Erin O. said...

I think you need to do a post about the whole priest thing. That is a huge topic of discussion in our house because I don't want to go to NFP classes, I'd rather focus on classes about finances and other topics. So, I'm curious about your experience!

Kelly B. said...

generally speaking I think "list" posts are "meh" but THIS "list" post made me go "oh shit.. there's that. oh! and that other thing." With how much time we've had I've been good about getting a lot done but I think I need a general list on the bloggity blog so I can just keep it in one place.

oh, and for my gift to M? I'm doing boudoir photos. He's going to pee his pants, it's SO not like me. Oh, and they're on Thursday, NBD (TERRIFIED).

Lacey Bean said...

Wow there is a lot on there that I never thought of doing for my wedding. Rehearsal dinner invites? Music/activities for that? Seating for the church? (I've never been to a church wedding with planned seating.)Maybe I just simplified a lot, but we didn't do a lot of that stuff on your list. Also didn't do gifts for each other. Just felt like it wasn't needed.

Kristin said...

We stressed about the videographer too but I had my sister's husband (you could ask a cousin or anyone with a video camera) to record the important moments and put it on a disk for you. Just give them a list of what you want, walking down the aisle, first dance, speeches, cake etc. He was more than happy to do this and it was free :). Yes it wasn't fancy but it was lovely and perfect to remember our day.

Whitney said...

This is.....stressful. Prioritize what HAS to get done. Delegate. Pray. Gulp.

Kimberly said...

Groom Gift - custom watch with the wedding colors? I came across this website the other day and really think that is what I am going to do for Dave. Then again he is a watch guy.

Candy bar - I heard about this place at 96th & Michigan here in Indy that has rentals of all the glass jars for candy bars. Might be worth checking out.
Candy Dynamics
9700 N Michigan Rd
Carmel, IN 46032

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