Tuesday, May 21, 2013

T-Minus 4 Months.

As I started to type out this post, I realized that, no, I didn't have FIVE months until the wedding.  I used my calculator and realized that I have FOUR.

Pass the paper bag.

I'm thinking I need to post this checklist more often from here on out.  Just when I was chillin' and feeling all accomplished... yeah, this list smacked that smile off my face.  HARD-like.

Again, I stole this checklist from Tess, added things I could think of... and here we are.  122 days to go.  Gulp.

  • Set a Date
  • Book Church
  • Book Reception
  • Book Photographer
  • Book Videographer - The Budget and I are conflicting on this item. 
  • Book DJ for Reception
  • Ask Bridesmaids
  • Ask Groomsmen
  • Create Wedding Website - it needs updated, BADLY.
  • Register
  • Florist
  • Wedding Dress
  • Engagement Pictures - June 20th.
  • Pick Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Have Bridesmaids Order Dresses - just need to submit the order.  THIS WEEK.
  • Select Groomsmen Attire
  • Have Groomsmen Order Tuxes
  • Buy a Veil - waiting on the lace bolero I ordered to come in
  • Decide on Cake - had a "cake tasting" on Saturday.... was more like a design session.  Less design, more cake!
  • Wedding Coordinator - see budget.  Also, lack of.
  • Save-the-Dates
  • Finalize Guest List - and I think we even have all their addresses.  WIN!
  • Cake Knife and Server -I think I'm skipping those, but I now want a stand to put the cake on.  Is that just asking for it to fall over? 
  • Toasting Flutes - we registered for some, on the fence if we should just order some plain ones or fancy ones or skip it completely.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling - done.  Except we just found out our priest is leaving our church for a new assignment on July 1st.  So.... we have a question mark of a priest.
  • Schedule Pre-Cana Class -
  • Schedule Natural Family Planning Class - doing the "home study" now.  Okay then.
  • Guest Book - I'm thinking I want something that we can frame and hang on the wall.  Etsy?!
  • Book Hotel Rooms - hahahahahaha
  • Figure Out Parents’ Wardrobes - dads are getting black tuxes we picked out.... I think Mr. RH's mom is on her wardrobe.  Check?
  • Wedding Shoes - in progress
  • Wedding Jewelry - Returned earrings, repurchased them (with more cash back thanks to ebates!).  Waiting on that lace bolero to get here to make final decisions. 
  • Garter - on the fence... I'm not sure we're doing a "garter toss" - do I still need one?
  • Book Hair for Bride
  • Book Hair for Bridesmaids
  • Book Makeup Artist - I found a local store that does it... I wonder if they travel?  Must research.
  • Book a Tasting for Reception Venue
  • Welcome Bags for Hotel Guests - my guests are scattered, this is going to be a PAIN.
  • Bridal Portraits - is this something I should be planning on doing?
  • Hair and Makeup Trials
  • First Dress Fitting - going to make an appointment for June.  As in next month.  I guess I'm not having a rib removed before the wedding... :)
  • Second Dress Fitting
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Order Invitations - ordered some samples this weekend
  • Mail Invitations
  • Book Rehearsal Dinner Venue - delegated to Mr. RH.  I love him.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Music/Activities - actually, a little trivia game would be fun.... and we could give out prizes?
  • Buy Rehearsal Dinner Dress
  • Bridesmaids Gifts - I'm thinking jewelry and their hair/maybe makeup?  Jewelry, hair, robes.... I'm sure they're reading this.  SNEAKY.
  • Groomsmen Gifts - I guess I should inform Mr. RH of this tradition. 
  • Bachelorette Party - July.... maybe.  I really want my SIL's to come, but a mini-getaway is probably out of the question, right?
  • Bachelor Party -  not my problem
  • Bridal Shower - August 4th.
  • Buy Wedding Bands - mine is ready and sized, Mr. RH's is hopefully in transit to the store.
  • Photo Wish-List for Photographer - I could spend the next 4 months entirely on this.
  • Get Marriage License
  • Wedding Favors - do people really still do favors?
  • Book Transportation from Wedding to Reception - why are there no nice rental places in this small town?!
  • Figure out Getaway Transportation from Reception
  • Honeymoon - probably not until 2014
  • Gift for Groom - need ideas
  • Card for Groom on Day-Of - picked out on Etsy.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invites - can't I just text them?
  • Music List to DJ
  • Wedding Night Hotel Room –see also: hotel debacle, not happening.
  • Order Thank-You Notes
  • Say “I Do” 
Actually, I'm surprised at the number of things that are in-progress or already finished.  It's not TOO bad.

I'm just thinking a lot of the stuff coming up is QUITE labor-intensive.


Is it Wine Wednesday yet?

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jaime said...

Every day is Wine Wednesday, isn't it?

Regarding the videographer - we had a friend from my work who shot video for us. It turned out great, but we've watched it once. (We've been married almost 6 years.) Does your photographer offer video services? Could you get it cheaper through them?

The toasting flutes we have were engraved (we received them as a gift at one of our showers.) We used them once.

We ended up having a gigantic guest book (it has a metal cover and I refer to it as being bullet proof.) it's still in a box, which makes me sad. For our rehearsal dinner, we had a giant frame that people signed. The frame came with a matte and I think I got it for 50 or 60% off at Michaels. It is in our bedroom and is the greatest thing ever. I wish we had done that for our wedding, but my future in-laws bought that darn guest book, so....

Daisy said...

Didn't have a videographer. Didn't miss it.

Most reception sites have a cake stand specificially for wedding cakes. I'd go with theirs. A cake knife is nice though- you use it for birthday cakes for ever after!

Toasting flutes are nice but unnecessary. My grandparents gave us a set of Waterford toasting flutes, we use them on our anniversary every year.

Hotel gift bags- I think this is a trend that needs to die. Not that I mind getting one but they are SUCH A PAIN and get expensive quickly and are generallyl full of nice but not-necessary things. No one ever said "Man, Jim's wedding gift bags at the hotel were so worth that plane ticket."

Wedding favors are also not really necessary. Again, expensive and rarely a great momento. I do like it when the couple gives a donation to a charity. I know St. Jude will send your pretty little cards to put at each place setting indicating that you've done so.

And you should take all the rehearsal dinner "to do" stuff off your list. That is Mr. RH and his parent's responsibility :-)

Daisy said...

Oh and for a guest book we bought a gorgeous coffee table book of art by area artists and had everyone sign it. We love it :-) I also like it when the couple has everyone sign a mat to use in a framed wedding photo later.

Gretchen said...

We just had a friend video tape...but make sure the camera is newer/operational...it didn't end up working, but it wasn't the videographer's fault!
I didn't wear a veil ;).
I borrowed my cake knife/server from a friend...and it was engraved with their wedding date! :)
Didn't do a garter toss/bouquet toss.
We made our own programs.
We did pens as wedding favors...we stole this idea from a friend. It had our names and the wedding date printed...I still really love the idea. :)
You're practically done! You got this! :)

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

there is NO NEED to do welcome bags for guests! i think they're fun and all, but i think they're MUCH more suited to small, destination weddings. remember, anything you give people they've got to take home, OR throw out...so save your money!

IF you want to do favors, go with something edible...anything else ends up trashed asap. except for koozies, because they are awesome.

we skipped the garter toss/bouquet too, so i didn't wear one...it seems like SUCH an annoyance if it wasn't even going to see the light of day.

for our guestbook, i designed a word cloud with wordle with words about love, our wedding date, and our names...got it printed on a "poster" from vistaprint, and then glued it to black posterboard and framed it. we had everyone sign in silver sharpie, and now it hangs in our dining room. i ADORE it still, i can send you a pic if you want!

mangovino said...

I love that your wedding date is so close to mine and you are going through the same crap! Your checklist is helping me too - thanks!! I wish we lived in the same city b/c having wine with you would be so much fun.

I'm glad you haven't ordered invites yet - that's my current panic attack. And I haven't even gone looking at rings yet!!! I have some pics from Pinterest so I have an idea but I know I better get busy.

I bought the photo frame w/ mat to have people sign - I did one for my birthday and love it so much I had to have one for the wedding too. We're also having a photobooth and they put those pictures in a book for people to sign too.

For the guest bags - we are only giving them to people coming from out of town who are staying at the hotel. I'm including a cute CLE bag, water, hangover kit, local chocolate and a snack. Nothing crazy. Can you hand them out at the rehearsal dinner? And by the way, we are considering not having one of those...are we crazy?!?!?! We are paying for everything ourselves and it's just so much money. What do you think?

I say get a garter - when in your life will you have the chance to wear one again?? My fiance wants to take the garter off but he's not throwing it.

Try registering for the cake server/toasting flutes/cake stand. You can buy a stand for less than or close to what they rent them for, and then you get to keep it. Our flutes are handblown glass w/ our monogram. Cute, simple and cheap - here's the link http://www.markandgraham.com/products/classic-hand-blown-champagne-flute/?pkey=e%7Cclassic%2Bhand-blown%2Bchampagne%2Bflute%7C1%7Cbest%7C0%7C1%7C24%7C%7C1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH%7C%7CNoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

And we are doing edible favors -duh, I'm a foodie blogger :) The guests will also get the photobooth picture to take home. But I love when people donate to charity too and am going to donate to one but not display a card announcing it or anything. I'm thinking of doing a donation to it every year on our anniversary.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev

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