Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shopping. Back at It.

So, let's hypothetically you dragged your lazy butt up and took some outfit pics for your blogs.  I use the term outfit cause you're really just trying on a bunch of random pieces to see if they "make it work" for your life, but let's be generous here.

And then you collapse into a puddle because sometimes trying on clothes is hard stuff, especially when you catch an attack of the lazies.

And then, your friend's dad passes away and an outfit blog post seems completely unnecessary and frivolous.

And then you download the photos and you cropped your feet out of every single pic even though you swear you checked yourself halfway through and the whole thing is unintentionally hilarious.  ESPECIALLY because in the interest of better outfit blogging you actually changed your shoes per outfit this time and now you can't even tell.

I swear, kids, this is why we don't try at things.  Just give it a shot and give up.  End scene. 


But I really did crop my feet out of every single photo. And it's awesome.

Today's slew of goodies is all from Target.  I think they must've been running a 20% off code or something, and I had a hard time not buying everything.

Up first is the item I had the highest hopes for, the V-Neck Chevron Maxi Dress.  It just looked perfect online.  Comfy, cute, on-trend (well, there are people already hoping chevron will die a quick death, but whatever.  still trendy.)  But the waist on this falls a little low for me, I think. 

And it might fall a little big on me... but it also felt crazy comfortable.  Therein lies the dilemma.

Next up, the Colorblock Maxi Dress.  I'm really torn on this one, although I liked it from the second I put it on.  Literally didn't want to take it off.  It hits me in a perfect spot, and it fit well and was long enough (score!).

The only problem is... it kinda has the color combo of my favorite outfits from the 6th grade.  Does is scream teenager?  It is in the teenager line of clothes, but I had high hopes.  Do I look like an overgrown 6th grader?


Then there's this jacket.  You see, in January, Target had these amazing and cheap shrunken blazers.  But I was being a "saver" at the time, so I didn't buy them.


Anyways, I found this Ponte Boyfriend Jacket and was so excited... but I feel like a career woman from the 80s.  It's just slightly too big and bold for my liking.

However, when I put it over this LOFT dress (spoiler: you gotta see the next outfit post I eventually do!), I kinda fell in love. 

But I know that it was just toying with my emotions, so I said NO to the blazer.  Even though I might go back for the black in a smaller size.   Decisions, decisions.

So, the next two items may invite a bit of internet scorn.  I know it's probably quite tacky for some.. but I just had to check them out.

Back in March, when I attended a Bachelorette Party, I toyed with the idea of getting the bride a Victoria's Secret bride robe.  She's, in my opinion, the type of bride who has loved to soak up every minute of the bride experience, and she looks damn good doing it. 

But $60 for a robe that's basically one-time-only?  Meh.  Wasn't into it.

So when I stumbled on a section of bridal goodies at well, I had to check it out.

Unfortunately, in the week since I've ordered it the whole line is out of stock.  Dang.

The robe was less than $25 and is pretty cute.  Kinda hard to photograph a shiny, blinged out white robe in a dark-ish room by yourself, but there you have it.  Unfortunately I go a Large for some reason and it's a wee bit large.

I've seen people wearing these in "getting-ready" photos, but I just didn't feel pretty in it.  Besides the fact that this one was too big, I felt like a giant white marshmallow.

Sooo, instead, I think I'll wear the tank below under a fun, colorful robe.  I know, bedazzled tanks probably went out 5 years ago, but weddings are all about embracing uncomfortable experiences, right?!

 Even if I'm the only one who knows I'm wearing it... that's still a little bit fun, right?  Plus, if I'm not as white as a ghost, I might actually feel good in it.  Tank tops never fit in length and this one does.  Winner?!

Feel free to chime in and tell me if I look like I'm borrowing from the juniors in that black and pink tank dress.  Cause I can't get it out of my mind.

Also, will you judge me if I wear a bride tank?  It only cost like $12 so that minimizes the humiliation, right?

Anywhere else I should be shopping lately?  I'm on a spree and I just can't quit.  More to come from LOFT and Express. 

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-Lauren said...

My favorite posts! I like the chevron maxi on you. And the other dress is great. I really like the corally pop of if 6th grade is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

krista said...

Love the first dress, because of the tie waist you can get away with it looking a little roomy and you look tall and slim, what could be wrong with that? Second dress, I agree that it fits well, but looks a bit juniorish. Lastly, embrace beings bride bedazzled tank and all!!

krista said...

Love the first dress, because of the tie waist you can get away with it looking a little roomy and you look tall and slim, what could be wrong with that? Second dress, I agree that it fits well, but looks a bit juniorish. Lastly, embrace beings bride bedazzled tank and all!!

mommyto3 said...

I really like the first dress! The second dress is just ok. I agree that the colors are a bit juniorish. The tank is adorable!

Meg @ write meg! said...

I love the pink and black dress -- don't even sweat it! You look fab and should rock it. And actually, I liked the blazer... it looks really cute with that dress.

Jovita said...

The black/stripy/pink dress is a keeper! Looks wonderful on you! The blazer is cool, one size smaller would be perfect. I'd stick to the same color if I were you - I think black blazers are too boring

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