Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybe Next Week.

Welp, this week has been a big old BUST in the accomplishment category.  I did actually work out a lot of the things I needed to do at work (GO ME!), but beyond that.... yeah, I've been sketchy at best.

Write thank you cards for my shower that was almost 2 weeks ago?  Oops.

Get my measurements and order the lace shrug from my wedding dress?  Oops.
 Catch up with my favorite almost-hitched bitch?  Nope.  She's also slightly busy. 

Order bridesmaids dresses, which are now officially slightly late?  Nada.

The only things I have done this week?  Cry a lot for good and bad reasons.  Eat about 2 pounds of red velvet dip (DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK.  DO NOT DO IT!  TRUST.) with a spoon.  Trust, the spoon was less calories than vanilla wafers.  Online shopped until I fear the balance on my credit cards.  And then I checked the card and I didn't hyperventilate so I think that says a lot for my personal growth. 

I spent only minimal time worrying about medical stuff and stressing about a doctor's appointment.  In fact, I worried so little that for the first time in 5 appointments, I didn't have high blood pressure.  Or, as the nurse said, I wasn't totally freaking out at my appointment.  Personal growth, people.

This week, I also burned up Mr. RH's netflix account watching hours of mindless TV.  After weeks of Doing Things and Being Accomplished, it felt good (and guilty!) to veg out and just be.  The couch snuggles were just a bonus.

On a positive note, I backed up my hard drive and transferred a ton of photos to safe storage this week, so that was pretty huge.  I think my laptop is thanking me as it's no longer full-to-the-max.  So I guess I wasn't a complete waste this week.  Just partial. 

Unfortunately, with all that accomplishment comes the punishment next week.  I have got to hit the
wedding checklist hard and deal with Mr. RH withdrawals since he will be starting a new job with a commute and will, unfortunately, no longer be at my beck and call.  (lol, the thought of Mr. RH being at my beck and call.)

Please tell me I'm not the only one having a complete slacker week.  I can totally get back on track next week, right?


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the girl in the red shoes said...

You can totally get back on track. Everyone needs a week where they just forget about their to-do list. But with that said, get to work next week! You can do all of these just have to sit down and make yourself do them! Do you need me to drive down to Indiana and kick your little booty in to gear?

Tess said...

It's mainly cause I don't feel good. I actually spend a SHIT ton of time sitting on my couch getting through my DVR. My to - do list keeps getting pushed off until next week too and at some point, that is just NOT going to cut it!

You should have seen me this week. I've been a real gem.

Meg @ write meg! said...

We all need slacker weeks -- and you are doing just fine! Everyone needs red velvet dip and TV time once in a while... or, you know, often. It's fine. It's cool. You will get everything done, and it will be awesome!

Mrs. Lovely said...

Proper etiquette is that you have until a year after your wedding to get out thank you cards so dont stress! I had some friends that waited to write every single thank you card until after the wedding- shower thank yous and all. I chose to write thank yous as I received gifts, but definitley took a week or 3 sometimes after a shower.

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