Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday = No-Fun-Day

So, on Friday I declared this coming week the week of Getting Sh*t Done.  As of 8 am Monday.... well, I did a little bit for work this morning.  Considering I don't work until this afternoon, that counts for something, right?

There are so many random projects and things I want to get done that I think to actually focus in on one of them and DO it... well, that sounds totally overwhelming to me.  To-ta-lly.  It's a lot easier to sit on my couch and tweet about the Today Show that I'm not even interested in and yet can't turn off (what is UP with that??).

Today, Mr. RH starts a new job that we are both very excited about.  On the downside, we are both less excited about the potentially crummy commute.  Compared to others, it's not a bad commute - but compared to my less than 10 minute commute, it's forever.

The plan for this week is to *finally* write Thank You notes for my first shower (it's been 2 weeks and there were only a few people in attendance.  Shameful!), order Bridesmaids dresses, try to keep eating in a semi-healthy fashion, get back on the exercise wagon (I may have fallen off hard last week), and set up my new planner that my boss bought me. 

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks my life is a mess.  Good to know!

Maybe someday I'll blog about something substantial again. Maybe.


Happy Monday!!

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Tess said...

Funny, because I'm having the EXACT same week here too. No more bullshit excuses. I'm getting it alllllllll done! Good luck.

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