Monday, April 8, 2013

Let Me Tell You About My Dream Life

I had big plans for a different kinda blog post this morning.... but this dream was just too rich to share.  I'm not someone who dreams a lot... and I actually blogged about the last "big" dream I had in March of 2011.  That's a loong time ago.  Last night's dream wasn't about a celebrity... instead, it was a vision of my future.  Or something like that.


I woke up at 4ish this morning and was so bummed to be awake - but then I had another quick doze and had this amazing dream.

So, I "woke up" (aka started the dream) laying in bed.  I didn't realize it, but apparently I was in labor.  As in having a baby.

My mom was standing there and there were other various people milling around.  I kept asking where Mr. RH was because he was going to miss everything.  Immediately after, my baby GIRL was born and I was still shouting for Mr. RH.

He walked around the corner and had the index card in his hand that had all our baby name choices.  I could see right away the name that we wanted to name her... but inexplicably, we named her Jacqueline instead.  I feel like my mom must've influenced that decision, in my dream.  Because that wasn't the name I had chosen ahead of time.

Immediately, we were transported to the next day, where we were "home" as a new family.  I was breastfeeding (it was easy!  painless!  not real!) and realized I couldn't remember how much Jacqueline weighed when she was born.  Or how long she was.  I called my mom and she explained that the baby was 15 pounds.  I was extremely freaked out by this.  My baby the giant!

 Me, Non-Giant Baby Niece

For some reason, I then remembered that, overnight, Mr. RH and I had, ahem, done something that I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do immediately after having a baby.  Out loud, he then mused if the next one would be a boy.  As I'm holding a day-old baby in my arms.  And the funny part is - I didn't even slap him.

I'm not exactly sure how the dream ended - but I remember being very happy and very confused when I woke up.  Part of me expected to roll over and see a baby crib set up in the side of the room.


There were so many funny things about this dream, although I'm not sure it came across in this disjointed post.

- I had a baby, which is what I've been talking about at work all weekend.  One of my employees is pregnant, my BFF is pregnant, both my SIL's have babies.  It's all baby all the time around here. 

- I named the baby Jacqueline.  Because I worked with a real-life Jacqueline all day yesterday and we talked babies all evening.  I find it hilarious that I looked at the handwritten baby-name-list in my dream and I could see the "real" name, written in my handwriting... then named her Jacqueline.  I can't decide if I should tell her or not that I named my fake baby after her.

- My mom was in the dream, and it was SO real.  I don't dream about her often, so it was happy but also a little sad to wake up.

I swear this post wasn't supposed to end on a sad note. 

In my dreams, I gave birth to a giant baby named Jacqueline.  Somebody psycho-analyze that.

Google says giving birth suggests giving birth to a new idea, attitude, or project.  Also, thinking about a major life event (my wedding?).   Seems sketchy to me.  Anybody else have some crazy dreams?  Can I blame it on the weird weather?

And no, I'm NOT pregnant.  Dear Lord.

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Tess said...

It's interesting that you posted on this because for the last few weeks I've had THE most detailed, crazy, and random dreams I've ever had in my life. And no, I'm not preggo either!

Maybe it's a side effect of planning a wedding?

And don't worry, my email is coming to a home near you very, very soon.

Meghan said...

I've had two people in the past month tell me they had a dream I was pregnant. Then they always give me the side eye and ask me if I am, and I have to break it to them that I am not. Dreams can be so funny!

Andie said...

I think it is a combo of things-as you listed!

What a funny dream- and you are so tiny I can't imagine you having a 15 pound baby. LOL

and your mom! that made my heart skip a beat for you!

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