Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shopping Between Sizes

A week or two ago, I got an email while I was working that Gap had $10 t-shirts.  They did this promo in the fall and I got a shirt that I ended up wearing 50% of the time this past winter.  So, naturally, I had to check out the spring tees.  

That AND I had seen a Gap shirt while shopping on Michigan Avenue and I was still having regret about not buying it. 

This would be the shirt:  The Essential Multi-Stripe T in summer azalea.  This looks like the red, but it's just the lighting. 

So, I have to make a confession.  I ordered at least 2 of every single shirt I wanted.  You see, I find that Gap and Old Navy have a wee bit of vanity-sizing going on.  As in, there are days when I fit comfortable into an XS.  What happens when people are really, actually tiny?

Also, I have the whole super-long torso thing going on.  So, on the left is a regular size XS... and on the right is a S Tall.  I felt like the small was slightly baggy - but in the pictures it didn't come across at all.

So I kept all the talls, even though they felt slightly baggy in my crazy head.

I'm still deciding if the longer shirt actually looks better - I just know that it feels better and covers my muffin top expertly. 

I ended up returning the gray ones, because I was feeling the v-neck and I didn't think that I honestly needed three striped tops.  Of course, looking at the pics now, I want the dang gray one.  And it's $20 now instead of $10.  Damnit.

I ordered a few more tops that I ended up feeling quite negative about.

A. The tall ended up being huuuge.  And what's up with the flared sleeves.
B. Talls in solids seemed much baggier.
C.  Why was this shirt so tight?
D.  I don't do neon.  So stop ordering it for the love of Jesus.

As I was checking out, I realized that Old Navy was having a pretty sweet sale on their dresses - so of course I caved like a deck of cards.  

Dresses!  My favorite!

First up - I was obsessed with the teal color of the Old Navy Mixed Eyelet Dress.  Of course, this color didn't come in a tall, so I got a regular size.  

Let's Ignore the Wrinkles, Ok?

I did not particularly like the length... I felt like we were a minute away from my undies peeping out in the back.  The waist was at an awkward place on me.  If I shoved a basketball up the front, it would have been a perfect maternity dress.  Minus the fact that my crotch would then be showing.

After the big fail on the teal, I had very little hope for the white dress, which I ordered in a 4 Tall (the smallest size that tall comes in).

Again, Let's Ignore the Wrinkles.  I swear they weren't as bad in person!

First of all, I loved that the hem of the white was slightly scalloped.  It was just so feminine and a great detail in a $20 dress.  I felt that the dress might be slightly too big, but once I was in it - I was feeling it.

Once I added the belt, I was pretty well hooked.  I don't think this is the belt for the outfit AT ALL, but I was just using it for scale and idea. 

I think I'm liking the white.

The last one was a total impulse purchase.  My favorite color - blue - and an easy, jersey dress.  The Stretch Jersey tank dress, again in a tall. 

I can't say enough about how awesome I feel about TALL clothes.  I am a very SLIGHTLY tall person.  I'm 5' 8" max - it's probably closer to 5' 7".  My legs are average, it's my torso that's long.

Even knowing all this... I still have the hardest time finding clothes that really and truly fit.  I feel like I'm constantly returning tall sizes that are HUGE.  Which would be no problem, except that most of them don't come in any smaller sizes.  Are there no slim, tall people, Gap?  I'm looking at you.

What's your opinion on the white dress?  Cute, right?  Totally bridal-shower-worthy? 

Anybody else have a long torso and nothing to wear?

11 Classy Comments:

K said...

That is a PERFECT bridal shower dress!

KatiePerk said...

The white dress is cute. I adore eyelet. And the blue and white striped is a homerun too! I need to invest in some belts.

My Life as A Plate said...

LOVE the white eyelet, totally perfect for a bridal shower, so pretty and classy! I may need to hit up Old Navy for some of my upcoming bridal events!

Laura C said...

Love the white dress!!!

Meghan said...

That white dress is a keeper for sure. I am short, so my problems finding clothes are entirely different. However, I find that some petite sizes are cut very strangely and don't work at all. I too feel your pain of ordering multiple sizes and trying to figure out which one works best.

Meg @ write meg! said...

Love the white dress -- I'm on the hunt for one now myself! I was thinking I wanted to wear something lace or vintage-inspired, like my dress, though I guess it just depends on what I can find, haha.

ginastorm said...

I bought the same dress at Old Navy too, except mine is pink with white stripes. While I'm not a extra small/small size, I do like the 'tall' length so that I'm not showing as much leg. Like you, I'm not exceptionally tall, I just want more length.

I think you should definitely keep the white eyelet and blue and white striped dress.

Andie said...

I have the same problem. I have a long torso so everything fits me weird too! I totally get it. :)

And the white eyelet is perfect for a shower or rehearsal dinner! :)

tara said...

love the white dress on you!

Leigh said...

I wish I had a long torso or long legs. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with either :( I really like the teal dress from Old Navy. Looks great on you :)

BriBrooke said...

Is it just me or are Old Navy clothes always wrinkled? My local stores must cram to many together. I rarely can find something that's not wrinkled on a hangar. Love the blue stripped dress!Keep the white dress and dress it up for a shower!

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