Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friendship is a Choice

Have I mentioned that it's my birthday week?!  Jazz hands!   Well it is.  And because I have been contemplating my old age lately, I've had some deep thoughts in my brain.

Specifically about friendship.

In college, it's easy to have friends.  Especially if you live on campus.  All you have to do is fling open the door to your room and the friends come flocking.  Studying, eating, napping, watching TV, and pampering each other for mixers and dances all lend themselves to easy friendship.

Post-college... it gets SO much tougher.  First of all, a 40 hour work-week is way different than a packed college schedule.  No matter how well you schedule college classes, there is always downtime.

In my current work schedule?  Zero, and I literally mean zero, downtime.  There are days where I am so busy I literally forget to pee until I walk into the door at home.

Between my job and trying to fit in Mr. RH, I feel like I have very little downtime.  I know that I probably have far less things on my plate than most people, but it doesn't feel that way to me.

That being said, there is something SO important about making time for friends.  For friendships, especially the ones that go WAY back to when you were awkward and wore too much eyeliner (according to Mr. RH, as if he knows anything).

One of my friends just passed the bar exam (yaaayyyy!!).  Another is working on her masters.  And the other two of us are having pre-mid-life-crisis moments on a weekly basis.

In other words, it's sometimes easier to NOT hang out and NOT make time for each other.  To let the days without talking turn into weeks and weeks and let other commitments take over.

I'm really proud to say that my friends and I make the choice to try and get together and keep the friendship alive.

 I know that the next few years will probably be even more difficult as we all move on from post-college life and really settle into adulthood... that and my impending role as bridezilla-monster has the potential to create all kinds of drama.  In my own mind.

I had a lot of shopping ground I wanted to cover today (plus I neeed more wedding advice!), but this was just on my brain this morning.

Friendship... it's really a one-in-a-million thing.  And I am really, really lucky.

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city said...

thanks for sharing..

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i haven't made very many "new" friends in the last few years...but the couple that i have made are AMAZING. i think when you get older, you get more selective about the people you want to spend that precious free time with!

and while adult life might get in the way sometimes...you'll learn to make it work. plus, email is a wonderful thing =)

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Whitney said...

Very wise words. :) As always!

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