Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: I Can't Even

So, it's been feet-on-the-ground wedding planning over here.  I am up at all hours "researching" and thinking and panicking... so really, fun times.

I've also been schooling my dad in the art of wedding planning - he thinks it's ABSURD that a venue or photographer or anything, really, would be done more than a year in advance.  His head just about popped off his body when a lady told him she was booked entirely for 2013.

Just so you know what I'm dealing with over here.

Couple all that with some big stress at work... and I'm a bucket of fun all. the. time.

So, this week I was attempting to book a reception venue. Photographer is super high on my list, but there are maybe 5 acceptable locations to book a reception that are close by.... and I knew 1 of them was already booked (from the bridal gala on Sunday!).

There were 2 places in the running.

Location 1:  blank canvas.  Completely blank.  Needs a dropped ceiling, uplighting to give the room some character, and probably needs to be partitioned off lest it feel like a cave.

Location 2: ready-to-go.  Has character, a fireplace, beautiful chandeliers, and the restroom is amazing.  I know that's a weird thing... but it's seriously huge and amazing.  The only negative here is that the space is long and narrow, so it can feel a bit odd depending on how it's set up.

After a lot of soul-searching, I have to have location 2.  I had met with the lady on Monday and she told me my date was available and it was ready-to-book.

Tuesday, 11 am.  Drag my dad from work to write the deposit check.  As he's writing it out... the lady says there is already an event on that date. 

It was moved once, maybe cancelled... but she thinks the event is still on.  My dad and I sit there shell-shocked - since I had been reassured it was available and ready to book...

She promised to call within the day yesterday and let me know... no word yet.  And of course, my heart is set on this location now.  The other doesn't even seem like an option, and there is literally 1 other option in town.

So, yeah.  Happy Wedding Wednesday.  Or not so much.

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Iram said...

Awww that's horrible! :-( I hope you get the venue, it sounds amazing!


Jes said...

maybe it's good that you're finding out early that they are not on top of their stuff while you still have time to change your mind. Do you really want to be dealing with this place for the next year?

Just a thought!

I hope it works out =}

K said...

Omg my husband couldn't believe why we had to book things so far in advance! It was like pulling teeth! And so sorry to hear about the venue! Hopefully you guys can still get it. I'll keep my fingers crossed! (Although I do have to agree with Jes a bit, look for red flags now. You don't want to deal with that right before your big day)

Heather said...

Ugh, that is so frustrating!! I hope you hear back soon. They need to get their act together...

Kelly B. said...

For a multitude of reasons, the "wedding planning" has fallen entirely on me.. but when I tell my dad snippits he too, is shocked and horrified.

I needed copious amounts of wine and a xanax trying to coordinate dates between the priest, the church, and the venue.. and NOBODY ever wanted to email me back the same day. maddening. It'll all work out though!

Rachel Emmilee said...

I can see why you may feel frustrated, planning a Wedding isn't always easy, but things could be worse.
Remember during the Wedding planning process that you don't always get what you want, and in the end, things work out the way they were meant to. If you stress now, you'll look back and regret allowing little things to overwhelm you because they will fall into place and be perfect. It's not worth it stress. If my advice means anything, just relax and have fun with it or else you'll be looking forward to your Wedding day to "just get it over with"...

I noticed you don't reply to any of your comments? It's a shame. So many of them (including several that I left for you) are heartfelt additions to the conversation that should be acknowledged.

Tess said...



I am not happy with that lady. Why the heck???

Dude, I'm so sorry. Please keep me posted. Sending positive vibes for you today.

and p.s. my dad is the exact same way.

Laura C said...

Sometimes I hate the wedding industry SO much. They build up the "best day of your life" fairy tale expectations, charge an absurd amount of money and then are completely disorganized. And it is ALL so emotional! I had a similar experience with finding our "dream" photographer, who "forgot" they were already booked for our wedding day and then tried to sell us on his assistant. Umm, no. It may not feel like it now, but most things happen for a reason. In the end I was so grateful to find the photographer I did. However I will be crossing my fingers that this venue works out. No matter what, you will have a beautiful wedding and in the end you will be married to Mr. RH, which is the best part! :)

California Wife said...

Oh no Sarah, I'm so sorry! I know that can be incredibly frustrating. I'm so curious about the locations you've looked at. Is option 1 still available?

I hate they you're having to deal with all of this, but it will all work out. I promise. Hang in there!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

ugh, that's the WORST!! if you don't hear back, or it's booked...just know that you were supposed to have the first place instead!

and nice bathrooms are clutch.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Hey Rachel Emmilee,

I reply to all kinds of comments - not usually on here, but through email.

Can't reply to yours though cause you don't have your blogger profile linked to your email.

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