Monday, September 17, 2012

1 Month, 2 Days

Exactly one month ago Saturday, I became engaged to Mr. RH.  I truly cannot believe it's been only one month - it feels like we have lived several lifetimes since then.

Damnit, why am I cheesing so hard in this picture?! 

As soon as I put that bling on my finger, I got advice from near and far and wide:  "enjoy your engagement, it goes too fast, just savor the moment!"

As much as we've tried, the past month has been a heck of a time.

Mr. RH has been student teaching, working a part-time job, putting up with all my craziness (full-time job!), and trying to make a little time for me every day even though he never gets a minute to himself.

He never complains (well, much)  (or unless I try to curb his Starbucks habit) and he is forever reassuring me that he wants nothing more than to marry me AND he even wants to help with plans for the wedding (when and where I want him to, of course).

In the past month, we've had our fair share of trials.  Mr. RH's car broke down and ultimately bit the dust.  We've had money woes and in-my-head woes.  We both got a cold and I swear I'm still recovering.  I've been anxious and clingy and try to spend most of my free time fretting over Mr. RH and wondering if I am enough for him.

On Saturday, we got to chill out for the evening with The Hunger Games DVD and yummy leftover pizza and soup.  We got to talk and reconnect a little bit.  It was simply wonderful.  (Only 82 days until Mr. RH finishes student teaching for the semester.)  (It seemed shorter when I didn't know the exact number.)

Needless to say, the past month (and two days!) have been less than carefree and easy... but I've got the right guy by my side.  And that has made all the difference.

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In This Wonderful Life said...

I love the cheesy smile :)

Tess said...

You two cutie pies!

I'm glad you guys got to hang in on Saturday night and just chill - you needed it.

byhillary said...

Don't let the wedding stress you out. It is the best advice someone gave me and years on I can say it really it. It is only ONE day. One day. It is the marriage that deserves the worry and even then it doesn't.
If you know how to love, know when to compromise, listen, truly listen,know when you are wrong and how to admit it and plan to see it through good times and bad then nothing else matters. The wedding is just one day. If you stress too much then you don't have time to enjoy it!

ty said...

This made me happy :) at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is being together, and everything else will fall into place. I struggle with whether I'm enough all the time, and it is such a burden on your soul. You ARE enough ... otherwise, he wouldn't want to devote his life to loving you :) DUH!

Rachel Emmilee said...

Enjoy your engagement, it does go by fast! We had exactly one year of engaged bliss, it was fun calling him my fiance and planning the Wedding... Here's the best advice I was given, you have to be able to remove yourself from "Wedding Stuff"... You need to be able to seperate from it, so that you don't forget all the things that brought you to this place. Don't live the next year (or however many months) living and working for just the Wedding... Lots of couples go into depressions after the Wedding... They spend an entire year obsessing over Wedding details, saving money for the Wedding, ordering things, organizing things... That once the Wedding is over, they get the, "NOW WHAT?" feeling and feel there is nothing left to be excited for.

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