Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Come and Get Your Answers!

So many questions, so little time!!  I've been SO busy with work and trying to fit in everything this week... so my desire to blog is making me craaazy.

I love the Fourth of July (so so much!) but I have to work today... so for me, it's just another day.  Fortunately, it's a good year to be working on the Fourth because there will be very few fireworks shot off in Indiana  today.  In fact, last night, I was driving home from Mr. RH's apartment (8 miles away) and passed a 3 alarm fire (ok, I technically don't think it was a 3 alarm fire by definition - but there WERE three trucks from different fire stations) AND then a second firetruck heading another direction.  It's scary stuff!!

Happy Fourth!!  Hope you're enjoying everything that makes America awesome today. Eat some yummy food for me, I'll be eating cheese slices at work.  Yay.  Not.

Cori asked...
What is Mr. RH's sexiest feature?

Ahh, this one is tough!!  Can I pick one from his face and one from his body??

The obvious face answer is his hair, but for me it's EYES EYES all day long.  He catches me staring at him a lot - not because I'm looking at anything particularly, but because he has the most beautiful eyes and eye lashes.  Wish I could find a way to capture them perfectly in a picture!

 As for his body, I love his height.  I've never dated anyone much taller than me - so I love it.  But it's alllll about the shoulders.  He has nice, broad shoulders... I imagine often that they carry the weight of the world for me.  Even if it's usually emotionally.

Leigh asked…

Gosh, I am trying to think of a good question that could be awkward. When was your first kiss? What has been the most awkward/funny moment between you and Mr. RH?

My first kiss... gosh, it was clearly UN-memorable.  Seriously.  I barely remember.  I know that I had my first big girl kiss with my first high school boyfriend... on the front porch of my family's house.  I was 14, maybe 15.  We had just stopped at Taco Bell with his friends after the Friday night football game.  He was a junior and had a car. 

I didn't eat any tacos, FYI.  And it was extremely PG for someone (him) with his reputation.  Just sayin!  He was a perfect, absolute gentleman to me.  I've always wondered about that.

As for the awkward thing... that moment is going to have its own post.  Stay tuned!

Samantha said… long will you make it after your wedding before you two take off to do the do?
And a little less scandalous, what do you consider your biggest accomplishment outside of meeting the love of your life, graduating, etc?

She took my request for personal questions seriously!!  I truly believe that Mr. RH would agree with me (maybe I'm wrong?) that we spend absolutely as much time as possible at the wedding.  Since I know the day will be a whirlwind anyway, I doubt we will rush off - especially with so much far-flung family in town.  So, not rushing off at all.  Plus, after toting around a dress all day and probably not sleeping the day before... and after probably 23 rounds of the nervous poops... do people really have sex on their wedding night??  I'm sorry, that's probably TMI.

As for my biggest accomplishment, Dance Marathon - hands down.  It is the single most defining accomplishment of my life. 

Long-story-short:  in college, a couple of my best friends started a branch of an organization called Dance Marathon - a fundraising effort by college students to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  We lived and ate and slept Dance Marathon. 

In our four years, we raised $250,000 for Riley Hospital in Indianapolis.  A quarter-of-a-million DOLLARS!  To have the money go to a hospital that I personally recieved treatment from as a child - it was, quite literally, priceless.

The experience of a lifetime, for sure. 

California Wife asked…

This is an odd list of questions... What is your dream job? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What is your all-time favorite movie?

My dream job for a long time has been to be the editor of Glamour magazine.  Or any magazine, really - but I love me some Glamour.  No clue why, I don't really consider myself a great writer.  How does one become an editor, anyway?

If I could live anywhere.... gosh, I really don't have an answer.  I do NOT hate Indiana, which I'm sure seems unfathomable to many people.  It's affordable, easy to drive around (usually)... I have no complaints.  Of course, I'd also love to live near a lake.  Indiana doesn't really have any of those.

Can I plead the fifth on that question??

Favorite movie is probably When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman.  Both instant classics in my book.

Happy Fourth, Friends!!  Drink some booze and eat some foods for me... I will be at work.  :)

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R said...

Did I miss something? Wedding talk?

Leigh said...

Loved your answers! Can't wait to read about the most awkward moment between you and Mr.RH! :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Love it - thanks for sharing lady!

Disgusted said...

Did you really just talking about shitting yourself and your potential wedding in the same sentence? Keep it classy.

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