Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Most Embarrassing Moment with Mr. RH

So, earlier this week, Leigh asked me about my most embarrassing moment.  I had actually just handed over my most embarrassing moment to Southern Belle to guest post on her blog... so I told you guys to sit tight.

And it's posted today - and holy hell, it's embarrassing.

Head on over to Southern Belle and read all about it....   or not, if you totally skip this one post, that's fine with me!

Haha, I promise it will not disappoint.  Probably.

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Amanda Haney said...

I commented on her blog too. I never do those things in front of people except my Sister. Then I got pregnant and I couldn't stop it. So embarassing!

erin said...

I think I am always the first to "foof" in a relationship, I don't know why, I try sooooo hard not to let it happen, but when I least expect it, it happens! oops!
My last boyfriend never would and is was so annoying. Love your blog here in California.

Dreams Do Come True said...

Just read your Guest Post over at Southern Belle

I would love if you would visit my blog at

Dreams Do Come True

Leigh said...

So glad I asked that I asked this question! I think for the first little while in a relationship, farts and burps are so awkward! But then you start living together, peeing with the door open, etc and it all becomes normal. Oh wait, is that just my marriage?! Haha. One time, my husband (then boyfriend) and I were on a road trip and I accidentally let out a really bad fart. I started laughing and somehow had him convinced that he was the one who actually farted. Kind of embarrassing yet so funny! :)

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