Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

Even though I said in my last post that I was excited to return to blogging... I apparently don't "think" in blogging anymore.  Meaning that I only thing in bullet points, obviously.  Ready for the highlights?

  • I need to finish cleaning out my closet.  The giant pile of clothes that I keep moving from my bedroom to the hallway to the extra bedroom is not really helping my closet or life be clean.  Must remedy that asap.
  • My veggie garden is starting to die down for the season... however, the damn tomatoes won't turn red. Hence why I have a tomato tanning bed set up in my living room window.
  • I turn 25 in exactly a month.  Hold me while I sob about getting old, mmmkay?
  • I am in the throes of a shopping addiction.  I have been compulsively building my shopping carts online and then I just buy because I feel like it.  My credit card is not happy with this decision.
  • Oh, and all those tomatoes from my garden?  I've been making homemade tomato sauce.  It is surprisingly delicious AND I get to feel like Betty freaking Crocker.  Win win?
  • As soon as the temperature dips below 70 degrees, I have this INSANE desire to bake the crap out of anything and everything.  Baked tomato... bread?  YUM!
  • I am in the process of falling off the Couch to 5k wagon.  When I was in Hawaii, I had such a hard time getting motivated to run (even though I was in paradise and it was perfect running weather!).  And since I've returned I've been the most sporadic, terrible runner ever.  The weather is perfect and I can't run.  I hate myself for this.
  • And why am I falling off the running bandwagon?  This is complete TMI but it must be said: backne.  Chest-ne.  My sports bras are breaking me out TERRIBLY!  For a girl who has been pimple-free for the majority of her life (and would like to remain that way, thank you very much), having constant breakouts on my chest and back is is the nth circle of hell.  I even bought an acne bodywash to help and I swear it's making it worse.
  • My bathroom is generally a pretty messy place - but the worst place of all is the counter.  It's usually caked with hairspray and blush.  For some reason, normal bathroom cleaners don't get the gunk of hairspray off the counter, so even when clean there is this nasty buildup on the counter.  Enter my magical solution to cleaning countertops:
A spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol will make your counter shine so hard it hurts your eyes.  And, bonus, you will get high off the fumes from all the rubbing alcohol.  Wheeze.   Unfortunately rubbing alcohol will not make your countertops less ugly.  Brown faux marble is forever.  Or until you get off your butt and change it.
  • I still haven't met Mr. RH's new niece.  Work commitments keep effing up my schedule and I am extremely pissed about it.  She's got to be a month old now.  Fortunately I think I might get to meet her next week.  Fingers and spleens crossed.
  • Is it Friday yet?  (Actually, for me Friday is always a workday, as is Saturday.  Soo, really, is it Thursday yet?  I have the day off and am seriously looking forward to it.)
Happy Wednesday!!

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Missy said...

I have a spray bottle of alcohol too! I know it's bad for me, but it's the only thing that removes the gunk.

the girl in the red shoes said...

I'm doing the exact same thing with my tomatoes right now. I hope it works! Oh, and you need to share your shopping finds with us! I need to live vicariously through you to get my shopping fix!

Mrs. Smith said...

I'm pretty sure she posted this just for you to know what to do with all your tomatoes. :)

Allison said...

I can't get myself to run or exercise lately. I just don't care for some reason! Don't feel bad.

etta said...

Turning 25 kind of sucked. I spent a serious chunk of time getting my tires changed. Not that I could have partied like a rock star if I wanted to. I'd known for nearly a week that I was pregnant. :)

Mrs. SE said...

Great cleaning tip! Lately we've been using Method and I lurrve the smell!

Brandi said...

We can hold each other and sob about 25 this year, I'm SO not looking forward to December this year.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Sometimes a post in bullet points is just what you have to do.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

I'm turning 25 soon too. It's weird, isn't it? I don't feel that old... not that it's old, but seriously. It seemed like just yesterday I was still a teenager, and now I'm almost halfway through my twenties??

So I feel ya. :)

designHER Momma said...

I really do miss your bloging. Bring on the fashion post. Come on, you know you want to do it!

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