Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Randoms

I hardly ever do bulleted posts... but my brain is so scrambled this morning that it's the only appropriate thing to do.

  • I always love comments on shopping posts. I just love everyone's honesty. And dishonesty. Come on, really, that pink dress from yesterday? I dunno. Y'all are crazy!
  • I'm still thinking about the hairstyle on my good girl. Today's Indy Groupon is for laser hair removal! But the place has no positive reviews that I've seen, so I'm skipping it. But I am tempted!
  • Mr. RH's sister had a baby girl this week. I haven't even met this sister (he has two), but he and I are tentatively penciled in to go see her on Tuesday. Legit freaking out. BABY BABY BABY.
  • Which brings me to my next point: baby fever. I've had it since I was... oh, 16ish, but I swear Mr. RH is catching it. He notices babies out in public almost as much as I do now. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.
  • Pretty sure I never finished posting all my pics from Hawaii. Let's put that on the to-do list for next week, shall we?
  • Mr. RH got a promotion at his job right now - a pretty big one, actually. He's working to pay off school while he finishes his degree, so I'm pretty sure it's not his endgame, but I'm excited for him. I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate... and we never drank it. I am an 86 year old lady.
  • I'm reading Matched by Ally Condie right now and I am into it. I made Mr. RH read The Hunger Games and Divergent and he loooved them. Swoon.
  • I broke my dad's washing machine yesterday. Actually, I'm not convinced I did it, it's been acting shady for a couple of months. And then, my dad, cheap man that he is, was all "well, we should get a matching new washer/dryer set, right?" And I'm ACTUALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. I'm a pencil skirt away from a Stepford Wife (umm, Daughter?).
  • Pretty sure I need this DKNY single-breasted trench from Macy's. I tried it on in the store and I am absolutely OBSESSED. I love trench coats so much.
  • I am on a purse kick lately but what I need is a good wallet... where'd you get your wallet from? I need suggestions. And is it just me or do Coach wallets seem crazy-pricey?
That's all that's going on in this brain on a Friday... lucky for you I decided to share it! (Orr... not.)

Have an amazing weekend!

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the girl in the red shoes said...

Matched was so good! I think book two comes out in excited. Divergent is next on my list!

Annie said...

Abas wallet from Nordstrom. You'll never go back.

I've had mine for about 8 years and it looks BRAND NEW. And I get a million compliments on it.

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Coach wallets ARE pricey! I never understood why they are so expensive...I ended up finding a really cute similar-looking one at NY&Co!

shepaintsmeblue said...

your blog makes me smile. It's got a certain energy to it that I look forward to reading! and I love that you refer to your man as Mr. RH. fantastic.

PinkSass said...


katie lake said...

I got my current wallet at TJ Maxx. I like it a lot. If you have a coach outlet near you than check there when they are having a sale, which they are most of the time. M got me a pair of sunglasses and a bag at the one in key west for $170.

Full of Heart said...

2 words: Coach outlet.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I'm all baby crazy until I have to take care of a crying one. That fixes up the urge real quick!

Impulsive Addict said...

My uterus aches when I see little babies. I'm ready for #2.

The Hunger Game books were great but I wasn't a big fan of book #3.

I'm a purse kinda girl too! It's ok. I'll support you.

Happy Friday! xoxo

Ana said...

I went on a spree shopping...and online shopping at that! I picked up Vera Bradley's zip-around wallet on sale for $20. It's also a wristlet which I like to have in my giant work bag to make a purse when I go to lunch or get on the Metro. (I also picked up a cosmetic bag and travel jewelry box.) But, check out Vera...some are on sale for cheap!

etta said...

Coach wallets are expensive. I bought myself the Madison Op Art Sateen Wristlet for my birthday. It was $48. Expensive for something so tiny!

I use a Vera Bradley large zip-around wallet. I need something that fits my checkbook. I don't write many checks, but I do keep track of my balance w/ my register.

OH.. and maybe Mr RH should start noticing stores that sell diamonds :)

Jeanie said...

Yes, Coach wallets are expensive, but made very well and last forever. I'm with the others who say to check out the Coach Outlet. They most always hand you a 20 - 30 percent off coupon to use for items you buy. Also popular now are the Hobo wallets, especially the Lauren. It's HUGE (way too big for me), but you can find many of them on eBay cheaper than in the stores. You can also use the Lauren as a clutch.

Allison said...

Hey, you know I had laser hair removal, huh? I can tell you about it if you want. I had my underarms done. Honestly, there's good and bad, but I probably don't think it's really worth the money. Email me if you want to know more.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Mr. RH doesn't know about this blog! If I had a BF this is definitely the way I'd write about him too :)
P.S. I'm 13

every success can reprduce said...

great keep it up nice !!!!

every success can reprduce said...

great keep it up nice !!!!

Keri said...

I had been wanting a Coach wallet for a long time and on a recent trip to the Coach Outlet I snagged one on a really good deal. It was on sale and they passed out 40% off coupons when you walked in the door. So I was able to get a big bag and a wallet for a pretty good price :) Kohl's carries some good brands too when it comes to purses and wallets.

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