Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wine Wednesday: Sweet Times

I know, I swore I was not going to talk about Mr. RH daily. But apparently that was a lie.

It has come to my attention that we don't have any real wineglasses in my house. I have a bunch of "Sarah's house" stuff in a small storage unit and apparently all my family's wineglasses are in there. Go figure.

We do have some teeny-tiny Czechoslovakian crystal wineglasses that are at the house... and I was planning to serve up some Classy Wine to Mr. RH last week. (It's a good thing he's not a major drinker cause... oy vey. He might be appalled by my selections.)

Obviously, the ice was necessary.

This wine is "Sweet Times" Moscato, which is just named absolutely perfectly for my life right this very minute.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you if it's delicious or not because we actually didn't get around to drinking the wine.

I know, I must be ill. Lovesick. Or pregnant.

But probably definitely not that last one.

Happy Wine Wednesday!! What are you drinking today??

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etta said...

I'm drinking iced tea like it's my job (which would be an improvement over the one I currently have).

We have stemless wine glasses. I drink juice out of them so I can pretend it's wine.

ty said...

I will be having a TON of water, and a beer with dinner :) but that wine sounds DELISH.

Jo-Lynne said...

You are hilarious. But um. GET THEE SOME WINE GLASSES, girl.

Bon Bon said...

I love moscato! I'm all about anything sweet. I'm drinking lots of water today, and making italian sodas later on. No wine for this pregnant lady right now:-) xoxo

Mindy said...

Moscato is gooood! Too bad you didn't get around to drinking it. ;)

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