Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greetings, Strangers. We've Had Dates.

It's been 5 days since I posted here. It feels like a lifetime.

Where have I been?

Well, working like crazy for one. For some reason things have been insanity at work and I feel like I am constantly sprinting to try and catch up.

Exciting, I know.

You were expecting me to say that I've been MIA because I'm joined-at-the-lips with Mr. RH, right?

Yeah, ok, some of that too.

So here's the thing. I have had so much fun writing about Mr. RH and our dates. I love love that I have a lot of little moments early in our relationship captured for all eternity.

(Holy crap, I just said relationship!)

But I feel like it's gonna get a bit boring from here on out. So, what'd you do yesterday? Oh, hung out, made out, .... and that's about it.

Date 6? Last Wednesday. We hung out at my house all day. I made him delicious fajitas and Mexican rice. Grabbed Panera, saw Bridesmaids (him for the first time), went for a walk which my ankles are still pissed about.

Date 7? Last Friday. Dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and Friday-special $10 liter of margaritas. It's becoming a Friday night ritual. Swung by his apartment after, chatted for a couple of hours, zero scandalous activLinkities. Swear. (And I feel like you're reading that thinking that this is my sarcasm-voice but it's not. We were extremely well-behaved teenagers.)

Date 8? Saturday. We were supposed to watch fireworks after I got off work late but when I walked into the parking lot the wind was blowing like crazytown. I ended up heading to his apartment to wait out the storm. We chatted and had several serious conversations. A good night, even though our plans were ruined.

So here's what I'm trying to say: I think, at this point, it's gonna be pretty boring for everyone if I keep recapping each date. Much as I love how this requires zero thinking on my part, these date recaps are boring me to tears. Remember when I used to post about shopping at Forever21? And being lonely and drinking wine out of a sippy cup?

So, when Anything Happens with Mr. RH, trust me, you'll know about it. And I promise to give you any cute date recaps. But the next time we sit on the couch and watch Friends reruns... I'll feel free to skip that post.

For our collective sanity.

Oh, and because it keeps coming up, NO, Mr. RH does NOT know about my blog. I keep a pretty close eye on my stats and have no reason to think that he knows and hasn't told me, either.

Eventually, I feel like I am going to tell him.... but for now I like having it as my private little place for my eyes only.

My eyes and all of you strange internet people. Helloooo over there.

Well, how's that for a post about my big return to normal blogging? Are you tearing up from bored-ness?

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etta said...

Glad you're having fun. :)

Meg said...

Yay for all your happy dates. :) There's nothing better than vegging out and watching movies -- it's pretty much my favorite.

You're wise to keep your blog a secret (well -- not a secret, but you know what I mean!) for now. My boyfriend actually found out about my blog before our first date, read up about me and still agreed to meet me -- even with all my neuroses on display for the world to read. While I don't mind it, I have to keep in mind that whatever I'm writing is something he will see... and that has limited me a little. Just a little, but still.

Missy said...

I'd keep it a secret too, but I like having my own "private" world. Glad you're having fun!

Annie said...

Awww we're so happy for you! Keep us up to date on you two love birds!

melissa said...

Glad things are going well for you and Mr. RH. And glad he doesn't know about the blog quite yet. All in good time... :)

ginastorm said...

New poster! I'm glad that things are continuing to go so well with Mr RH. It's great that you're getting into a routine-like mode of hanging out. When I have the best times with my oldest friends it usually when we're just hanging out talking.

Allison said...

You know everyone likes be nosey and enjoys reading the stuff about the boy. :) I think it's awesome that you two have had good conversations and such. It's actually hard to come by these days. A lot of men don't like to chat....and some don't know how. (And woman are so good at talking too.)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you are so cute! yay for your new "relationship" :) so glad everything is going well and you're having fun!

In this wonderful life... said...

Well i don't think they are boring! I'm glad you are having a good time! How about some picture recaps :) Tell him WE need to see him, haha.

Aly said...

You're posts are not boring!! Love them!

Wearing Mascara said...

hehehe I bet when he finds out about your blog, he will love you even more! (eeee I just said LOVE!). I feel like a teenager too. Oh, and P.S. are you "in a relationship" yet??

Whitney said...

Yay! New relationships are the BEST, girl. You enjoy (and behave yourself ;)

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