Monday, June 6, 2011

So. Much. Reading.

I feel like I have neither the time nor energy to post lately because I've been reading. And reading and reading.

Since March 10th, I have been reading the Outlander series. I finally finished An Echo in the Bone, which is the 7th and final (for now) book. Holy page-flippin overload.

According to Goodreads, those books are 6,793 pages long. Sweet baby Jesus. I think that's around 90ish pages per day. Every day. And did I mention that these books weigh a pound or so each? They're HUGE!

I have started to get accustomed to reading lots of pages quickly because otherwise I would have never finished the series.

Which is how at 4 pm yesterday I started (and fisnished by 11 pm) Bumped by Megan McCafferty.
Bumped is.... an interesting book. The story itself is fascinating - a world in which all people above age 18 are infertile gives rise to a culture of teen pregnancy and, basically, teen pregnancy for hire.

I liked it somewhat... but to be honest, all the weird slang/terminology used in the book weren't quite my cup of tea. For a book so short, I barely caught onto the language before it was over.

So I'm ready to get back into the groove of frothy chick lit that doesn't consume my entire being. I love me a good series, but I think Outlander might be my first and last jump into the never-ending long book series. I can't handle it!

Got any excellent book picks for me to check out while I'm working on my tan??

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Meg said...

I'm a huge Megan McCafferty fan (HUGE!) and was really looking forward to reading this one! While I enjoyed it for sure, I agree that the slang was distracting and just plain weird. It took me about 100 pages to really get into the story, and then I was hooked... but I might have given up earlier if it weren't for McCafferty's name on the cover.

Sarah said...

My mom has been reading the Janet Evanovich books. My mom keeps telling me to read them, that they are really good! Quick easy reads and there are a series! I'm not sure if you have read them yet but that's a suggestion! :)

Mah said...

I have Bumped on my to-read as well. This kind of makes me push it down further! Look forward to what you're reading next.

designHER Momma said...

you know, I might have to dive into the Outlander books now.

I'm currently reading the newest Chelsea Handler book. Which is of course, awesome.

Marc Johnson said...

I really enjoyed Water for Elephants, which from what I heard is nothing like the movie.

Also, I remember you tweeting about an e-reader. Have you decided on that?

etta said...

I love to read! I really ought to get on GoodReads, but haven't. I don't like buying books, though (I'm becoming a tightwad). I suppose it's time to go to the library.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I adore the Outlander series. I'm so excited for the next one to come out! Thanks for the review of Bumped. It sounds interesting and I'm going to check it out.

Anonymous said...

You should read Emily Giffin's "Heart of the Matter." It was an awesome story...finished it in two days. Or read fellow blogger Matt Logelin's book "Two Kisses for Maddie." Finished that in 4 hours.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I just ordered Two Kisses for Maddie!!! Dying to read it!

Thomasina said...

I would check out the different lists on goodreads to find some new reads. Right now I'm reading pride and prejudice, but I'm really missing my chic lit!

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