Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Brother, Big Brother

So I mentioned that my baybeeee brother graduated from college on May 13th.... but wow a lot has happened since then.

The day after graduation, he met with a friend of a friend of a friend's dad who works at a large engineering firm. They chatted generally and it was fine, but nothing exciting happened beyond that.

Until last week when the HR department called and offered my brother a Big Boy Job in New York (state, not city).

Earning double the salary of his big sister (ok, just $2000 short of doubling his big sister's income).

Living far far from home in an apartment all by himself.

So grown up. Sob.

Hey look! A statue of Neil freaking Armstrong! Pose with me, pretty pretty please!

It's a good thing he's more than 6 inches taller than me. Nobody will notice if I start calling him my big brother, right?

And, it's a perk if he moves away and leaves his bedroom empty so it can resume it's job of being the most important room in the house: my closet.

Time to go shopping for housewares! (Who's excited? Not my brother, that's for sure.)

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Mrs. Monologue said...

How exciting! Hooray for new closets and hooray for him getting a job!

Sarah said...

yay good news all around!!

Thomasina said...

That's great news! I live in New York State (western, ny) by the way.

The Ratpack said...

awww! How exciting!

My little bro is an engineer, and wow, what a job. Stressful, BUT he made at least triple my salary, and just accepted a transfer to Long Beach...where's the justice?!

Yay for little brothers! Where would they be without their sisters?!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

such great news! my brother got out of the Marines and finally got a big boy job. But he is still definitely a little brother. All that freedom is making him crazy!

Andhari said...

He better have a closet for you in his new place. All the shopping sprees over there when you visit :p

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