Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time Marches On

I had this past weekend off so I shopped till I dropped with one of my best friends, and then we shopped some more.

I promise to have a photo shoot with my stuff once I break down and buy another remote for my camera so I can actually photograph myself. That damn remote is still MIA.

Moving along.

My friend and I actually went "thrift" shopping on Sunday. I say thrift shopping but I think what I really mean is junking. It's basically a giant warehouse filled with old junk. I felt like I was on an episode of American Pickers.

I didn't buy anything but I am having a very serious case of the "I want"s.

I saw this old retro dresser and I can't get it out of my head. I am envisioning it painted bright green. Or maybe white. Or blue. Ohh, maybe a Tiffany blue color.

Isn't it hideous and beautiful at the same time?

My dad says it looks like it's laminate and not real wood and therefore won't paint well. So I've got to sneak back and scratch it and see if its wood. (Note to self: what am I talking about? I have no idea what scratching it would accomplish.)

I also found this chair. Actually, it's one of a pair. My friend and I are thinking we neeeeed to buy the pair and recover them. Only neither one of us speaks upholstry.

Which I'm sure isn't hard at all. I mean, for probably $20 we can make it look brand new and adorable and I'll probably have a new career as an interior designer.

(That would be sarcasm, for those of you new to Sarah-speak.)

There's this teeny-tiny problem where I actually live at home with my dad (woo, the excitement of being young and poorish and not wanting to pay real Rent). And I fear that bringing home 2 new pieces of furniture (when I still have several pieces in a storage unit and several more in the living room) may result in my eviction.

And a smack upside the head.

But ohh, I want.

Correction, I need.

Somebody needs to tell my interior decorator to go back to sleep cause she is whack and clearly doesn't know how to decorate.


(And is it me, or does it sound like I wrote this post while drunk? Cause I didn't. I just woke up at 5 am and started typing. Whee. PUBLISH!)

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Savannah said...

Even if the dresser is laminate you can either sand it before you prime and paint to give something for the paint to stick to....or they make paint that will stick to laminate.

Although, this suggestion probably doesn't help you get the dresser out of your mind huh?

R said...

Ok so that chair isn't the prettiest thing ever but I bet with a new cover it would be the perfect curl up with a good book chair.

stephanie said...

I think the dresser would be adorbs with fresh coat of paint!

AndreaLeigh said...

they make primer specifically for painting laminate. it makes it so you don't have to sand and can just slap the paint right on. I think it is called Zissner? They will know what you are talking about at Lowes.

Kaitlin said...

I could totally see that dresser painted a fabulous color. I bought a dresser a few months ago from goodwill, and painted it black with fabulous nobs. so worth the time!

Carrie said...

Thrift/Flea Market Finds are my fave! If you like the anthropologie look as much as I do, it's the best way to go. I found a gorgeous 1960s set (all solid wood) at the market once and painted it black and distressed it. It looks like everything you see in the high-end magazines but I got everything for $110 (headboard, side tables and lovely dresser). Add a few scrathes, some beautiful new knobs and drawer pulls and you're golden!

you should absolutely get that dresser if you find a place for it! I have a bookshelf i painted in tiffany blue and you just cannot go wrong!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That dresser has some real potential! Buy it!

zippitydodaaa said...

The chair would be so cute if it was recovered. I like the lines of it and it looks comfy!

Anonymous said...

lol, this entire post made me giggle.. or more appropriately, chuckle. I love the chair. It could def. be a fun one to make brand new again, but I, like you, would have no idea how to do that.

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I love thrifting too! So much fun. I could spend hours in "antique" stores shopping for pieces to refinish. I actually just scored two amazing nightstands in Tiffany&Co blue. I say go for the dresser!

Meg said...

Oooh, I love furniture shopping and generally daydreaming about when I have my own place! I still live at home, too, and ain't nothin' wrong with that . . . but I'm very excited for the day when I can buy all my own junk and clutter up a new place!

Actually, my boyfriend is getting his own place soon . . . I think I'll just clutter up his apartment instead!

Lacey said...

The dresser would be great with a fresh coat of paint! And I totally DVR American Pickers...that may be a little embarrassing but whatever.

The Branches said...

Those are both great finds and I love love LOVE that Tiffany blue color...I'm not going to tell the decorator monster inside you to shut up because obviously you have a good eye! :P

California Wife said...

I have a HUGE desire to buy old furniture at thrift stores and paint it high-gloss white... my husband thinks I'm crazy.
I'm also dying to get cheap old matching chairs and reupholster them, but I'm deathly afraid of how much it would really cost in the end.

Stephanie said...

Buy the dresser! Seriously, it has potential!

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