Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Mozzi (due in May) Day!

You all know Casey, right? She writes a delightfully funny and real blog called moosh in indy. Perhaps you've heard of it?

I started reading Casey's blog at least three years ago. I hadn't even started my blog back at that point, but I was regularly stalking reading a few blogs, especially hers.

Casey and I couldn't be more different.

She's married. I'm not.

She's a mom. I'm an awesome faux-auntie and former-nanny.

She writes about her beautiful daughter(s) and her struggle with depression. I write about my struggles in ordering 5 pairs of shoes online. (See, we both help people!)

She's a Mormon. I'm a Catholic.

She lives in Indiana. I live in Indiana. (MATCH!)

She is an amazing Photographer. I buy cameras and pretend to know how to use them.

She is very patient while I ask her how to operate my camera and what to buy. I am camera-dumb.

She has very cool boho style. I own enough leopard print to make the Jersey Shore cringe.

She makes the internet laugh and cry and laugh and cry some more. I want to link to a billion more posts of hers that I love but I have logged a nearstalkerish amount of time on her site in the past day three years but there's just so much to love.

My point is: Casey is a super-cool, super-sweet lady who invited me (an internet stranger) into her living room to shake the baby with a few rounds of Just Dance 2. I think that sums her up nicely.

(Many thanks to punkinmama for the twitpic).

Dear Mozzi,
(Casey's unborn baby, for those of you not in the know)
Since before you were even in existence, I know your mom has prayed and wished for you and loved you. You are a pretty lucky kid. Your big sister is cute and funny and super-smart so you should know you've really lucked out in the family lottery. Plus, you've got the gorgeous curly-hair gene. Lucky girl!

Dear Casey,
If I haven't freaked you out with my internet stalkerishness... I am very glad you decided that I was probably not a crazy internet psycho. I am thrilled about Mozzi's impending arrival. You're already a fabulous mother to the sweetest, sassiest little girl I've ever met and I can't articulate how excited I am for your family. Go ahead and open Mozzi's present. (And apologies in advance that I got more excited to give Mozzi something instead of a gift for you. I just saw all the tiny baby stuff and had a shopping meltdown.)

(Obviously I had to make sure Mozzi was introduced to the joys of leopard print early. Casey should be thankful I didn't buy this.)
Dear Emily,
We should all be lucky to have such an amazing best friend. It takes someone pretty awesome to pull a huge project together. I owe you a margarita.

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From the Mind of Thomasina said...

Wow, what a fabulous post! Are you going to share what's inside the box?

punkinmama said...

That picture makes me laugh. We all need another girls night out (or in)!

Yay Casey and Mozzi!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun! I love that blogging can turn into friends in real life.

By the way, I miss Indiana. Need to go back and visit soon.

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