Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smack Me, Please

On Tuesday, I decided that I could no longer wait to order a remote for my camera. Since I had spent my last day off searching for that damn little remote, I decided that the remote must have disappeared.

I had torn apart my entire room and closet looking for it, no dice. All my dressers and shelves.

So on Tuesday I ordered the remote. Will be delivered today.

So last night I scrolled through this old blog here to see if perhaps I could spot when I last used it. Saw a picture of myself in Chicago and had a vague *pop* of brain matter in my head.

Can we see where this is going?

I jump up from the couch, walk to my closet where my little travel organizer is sitting. Open it.

Damn, I'm an idiot.

(Not only for putting my camera remote in my travel toiletries case but for not looking there in the first place since I did just take a weekend trip.)

So now I debate whether to return the 2nd remote or keep it. I mean, I could use that $23 for something else. Although the $5 to ship it will only net me $18. Seriously, my life.

At least I have some shoes to return also so it won't be a complete wasted trip to the post office.

Smack me, I'm an idiot.

Also, try to do it someplace non-visible cause I owe this blog many a fashion photo. Coming right up!

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Anonymous said...

You can leave a note for ups or fedex telling them you are refusing the package and they will return it to the sender. That way you don't have to go to USPS to return it :).

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

Oh geez - I do that all the time! I lose something, finally spring to replace it and end up finding it right after I open the new package - rendering it unreturnable! :( I would keep the remote - those little buggers are so small and easy to misplace. It would be good to keep an extra on hand!

Ana said...

I know that as soon as I need something, and I go to replace it, it will suddenly appear.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

ahh, I hate when that happens! and I feel like I knew but forgot there were camera remotes! (if that made any sense ;)) I need to get one of those! :)

etta said...

Ooh... I really need to order a remote. I can't see M jumping for joy to take weekly bump pictures...

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