Monday, February 21, 2011

Gotta Be the Shoes

So last week I was feeling pretty awful, as you might remember from Friday's post. And of course we all know the only way I can cope with a case of the sads is online shopping.

You don't even want to SEE my Forever21 cart right now. It's out of control. provided, of course.

I only started off with two pairs on Saturday... and then I ordered 4 more pairs when 6pm had a promo for 15% off on Valentine's Day. So since I'm single and didn't have anything to buy for anyone on V-day... I shopped for me.

First up, the Calvin Klein Lainey Pony Hair. I love leopard so much.

I wanted these to be cuter in person... but they're just ok. I love the leopard but they're not terribly comfortable or well fitting. Maybe if I wore socks they'd fit better...

Next up, the Clarks Jardin Flash. Isn't the picture horrible? Damn my point and shoot camera. Damn my losing my SLR remote shutter.

I hated these sandals though, hence why I didn't redo the picture. Sandals like this just don't fit on me. All the straps and stuff just rub my feet raw and are loose and tight in all the wrong places.

And then on Valentine's Day... these babies had to be mine. Steve Madden Ulltra-G. They have a low 2.25 inch heel, which is perfect for this 5' 8" girl that really doesn't need 4 inch heels.

Unfortunately the glitter feels kinda scratchy on my foot. Hmm. Maybe I could put clear nail polish over that inner part to smooth out the glitter? But honestly, I'm not even sure what I'd wear these with. I'm just not sure.

And up next, two pairs of Life Stride Quiver. These seem like comfy walking-all-day shoes. They were marked way down the day I ordered them... like $25 or something cheap. Weirdly though, the red is stiff and the purple pair is super soft.

Are these ugly? I can't decide. I think they'd be OK with regular jeans... but I can't even remember the last time I wore regular jeans!

And last but not least a pair for work. Maybe. LifeStride Maggie.

Yes, they are ugly thanks for noticing.

The rational part of my brain thinks I shouldn't keep all of these. Especially since I'm supposed to be saving up for a new camera lens. Right?


What says you? Keep or send back?

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Ashley said...

I love!! That is my go-to store for shoes!!!
I LOVE the leopard flats!! I may have to make that investment =)
As for the life strides purple and red -- I am with you...I don't know if I like them or not...good luck deciding! =)

Ashley said...

oh man! I've never heard of - must check it out now. I'm in looove with those sparkly pumps. :)

Mrs. Smith said...

Keep the glitter!!!!!

They are so pretty and someday you'll need the wear them and say "Oh man I'm so glad I have these super cute shoes that make me feel so fannnnccccy!"


LG said...

I vote to keep the leopard ones, glitter ones and black ones! I liked them all! I may order those gold glitter heels! They look amazing!

Sara said...

Send back the ones that don't fit very well. You won't ever wear them and then it's just money sitting in the closet that you could have spent on equally cute but better fitting shoes!

I recently bought a pair of glitter heels from Steve Madden and the tops of them were a tiny bit itchy around the edges too. After two outings the glitter in those spots had worn down enough that I don't even notice it now.

Ashley said...

Wow, you know a lot of Ashleys. Ha.

I'd send most of them back-- if you're gonna keep any I'd keep the glittery ones and/or one pair of the purple/red since they would look cute with pants.

clauren said...

I need to check out that store! If you think you will get a lot of wear out of them keep, send back the ones you know you wont : ) Cassie ps check out my new blog :)

clauren said...

I need to check out that store! If you think you will get a lot of wear out of them keep, send back the ones you know you wont : ) Cassie ps check out my new blog :)

Philosophia said...

Those are some cute shoes. I especially love the gold heels

Anonymous said...

OMG are you a soccer mom now? I am a guy and if you ever want another date for the rest of your life, send everything back!!! We don't like the ballet slipper look or granny shoes- get some heels that make your legs & butt look good- we will come across the room, talk to you, and ask you out to dinner.

Tess said...

Okay I'm obsessed with the leopard flats and sparkly heels - you gotta keep those two absolutely, positively!

Christina said...

Love all the shoe buys! Super cute.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I totally ordered two pairs of shoes because you posted the discount code on V-tine's Day. Thanks for that! I went with heels on both (one on my bloggie today), but I love love LOVE the leopard flats you chose. Too cute. Great choices!

In this wonderful life... said...

if the red and purple are priced good, i say keep them if they are comfy! comfy at work is important!

designHER Momma said...

I just ordered these yesterday:

I'm thinking I might wear them every day this spring.

You should keep the gold glitter and the work shoes for sure.

Wish I had a reason to wear heels!

Rachel said...

BAHAHA. You should probably change you account name from Sarah to Soccer Mom. Just saying!

:) Whatevs...these are all adorable and sexy! I love every pair!!

CMae said...

What Camera lens are you saving for??

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