Friday, January 21, 2011

Naughty Housewives

So, I've been a Real Housewives fan since way back in the days of Laurie from Orange County (which wikipedia tells me that was 2006).

So. Let's talk about my new favorite Housewives, the Beverley Hills ladies.

Last night's finale episode was.... complete mayhem. Let me start off by saying that my heart goes out to Taylor and her husband (and daughter). I think she sees the love that the other housewives get (Kyle and Adrienne) and it's no wonder she's jealous. These women have pretty solid relationships from what we see. So my heart goes out to her - she seems miserable.

On the other hand.... is Taylor the new Stirs-the-Pot?? Cause only miserable women seem to be able to turn things from bad to worse in a minute.... and it seems like the drama follows this girl. Which is funny, because she's never directly involved - always peripherally.

I am a huge Kyle fan. Well, I thought I was. I think she has good intentions and is as real as housewives come... but last night I saw a whole different side of her and... yeah.

We all know she has a weak spot when it comes to her sister..... that Kim somehow gets under her skin. But I thought she really loved her sister despite everything.

Last night? Kyle was kind of a bitch. She can't resist hitting Kim when she's down, it seems like.

I still think Kyle is an amazing mother and she seems cool... but yeah, I'm kind of afraid of her.

Now, Miss Kim. She is, in my mind, nearly as manipulative as Camille. That victim role suits her (and annoys the hell out of me). She claims that everything happens TO her. She can never seem to own up to anything or anyone. Wimp.

I understand that maybe she didn't have the best life growing up.. but seriously, grow up. You're an adult, I'm sorry that things have been difficult for you... but stop whining about it. Man up for the love of Martin (speaking of who, did you all see him in the limo? I bet he was wishing to drop dead right then.)

And speaking of Camille... well, we all know she was cast as the villain. And she didn't exactly shy away from the role. However. I think we can all agree on one thing - Camille might be a bitch, but Kelsey is a complete bastard. Running off to NY for a new life and a new wife. I hope she keeps giving him hell in the divorce - and I hope she keeps publicly castrating him. He deserves it. Assh*le.

Edited to Add: (Thanks for the reminder Kristen) Lisa VanderPump, can I be you when I grow up? You're fabulous and amazing and I'm obsessed.

So, that's my Beverly Hills assessment for last night... who can't wait for the reunion next week?? (ME!)

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Kirsten said...

Ahh, I love this season! I was floored by how Camille and Kelsey's marriage played out. And what about Kyle? I feel the same way. She was cool and one of my faves until last night. I still love Lisa though!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the reunion!!! I started out as a Kyle fan but quickly changed my mind....she is SO mean to her sister and her sister has NO confidence. I was talking to BFF last night and came to the conclusion that Kyle still has a fabulous life because of Mauricio...Kim, on the other hand, is a single mom and doesn't have anymore money coming in, which is why Kyle and Mauricio have to help her. I'm guessing that Kyle forgets where their money came from in the first place...She's just so mean :( And I absolutely adore Lisa and Adrienne...hello no bullsh*t!!

Have a great weekend :)


Sarah said...

I"m kinda nervous for the reunion next week. It looks like it will get dirty!

Samantha said...

WELL said!! The Reunion will be interesting to say the least.

Kimberly said...

I love Lisa and follow her on Facebook. She is my absolute favorite. Kyle wrote on Twitter that things happened a long time ago with Kim but couldn't say what it was. I was thinking maybe Kim had a drinking problem? I am not sure. I didn't watch the finale last night. Will try to catch it this weekend.

Gwen said...

I so wish I would have seen the show last night. I need to check and see when it will replay. I also really need to get a DVR!!! XOXO

Holly said...

I've never watched that show, but it sounds kind of entertaining...maybe I should start! :P

Annabel Manners said...

I think they might be my new favorite housewives! I agree - I totally felt sorry for Camille after Thursday's episode. Cannot wait for that juicy reunion special!!

LG said...

That is pretty much the perfect review of RHWBH. I love the show and Lisa is awesome! I agree with all you said too. You forgot cedric who I think is working them like a tractor! 37 and NO job? seriously...

Philosophia said...

After reading this, I must say I'm tempted to watch. Nice review. :)

Sarah said...

I love this installment of the Housewives. The finale was insane! It really got out of hand and Kim went to REHAB?? Wow!

I really can't wait for the reunion!

Shena said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love Lisa as well! I have literally thought about writing her and asking if I can just be mentored by her to learn how to have some of the class she has.

I still love Kyle. I can only imagine some of the things Kim has probably done behind closed doors with the victim mentality thing. That really does get draining. I remember thinking at the beginning of the show, I wonder how she deals with it.

Nikki said...

Love. That. Show! Can't wait for tonight's reunion. I, too, have always been a fan of Kyle and Lisa and can totally understand Kyle losing her cool on last week's show. I wish Adrienne would be kinder to her husband, but they seem to have a mutual understanding. Hope you'll give us your 2 cents worth again tomorrow!

Kelly Marie said...

I agree with you on ALL accounts. I absolutely cannot wait for part 1 of the reunion tonight!

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