Monday, January 24, 2011

Closet Insanity

Confession: My closet is where stuff goes to die.

I used to organize my closet by color and season. It was a work of art.

Now? The ten pieces of clothing I wear on a regular basis usually don't even make it to the closet (they hang out on my drying rack, duh!). The rest of the stuff? I don't even know.

It's just clothes. Nice clothes, expensive-ish clothes. Clothes I don't wear.

So since it currently is looking like this outside:
Snowy, with more snow on the way. And then some more.

I think it's high time I spent quality time here:
Cue scary music.

The funny thing is... that picture doesn't look so bad to me. Clearly it was a trick of the light making it look like I have room to hang one more item in there.

Make me feel better - tell me I'm not the only one who has a closet that gives them grief every time they look in it.

And why is it SO damn hard to get rid of clothes I haven't worn in at least 2 years? Especially since we all know that none of them even fit anymore!

If you don't hear from me soon.... send search & rescue. I got lost somewhere between college t-shirts and 500 button-down shirts.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! My closet gives me the same kind of grief, but selling clothes helps with the difficulties of parting with clothing! Do a consignment shop or blog sale?

Sarah said...

Our closets must be related, because crazy tends to run in families... The plus side to tackling the insanity is finding stuff you forgot you had! Nothing like going shopping in your own closet.

Good Luck! Maybe some of your motivation will rub off on me on this dreary day... Or maybe I'll take a nap, lol.

katmcd said...

Getting rid of clothes is one of the hardest things for me to do too. Sure, I haven't put you on since HS but I still think you're cute.

Annie said...

I'm with you girl. I hate getting rid of clothes because most I remember a time when I wore them that brings back fun memories. Get in the cleanout-mode one day and go for it. One time i had a friend come over, we drank wine and she made me part with stuff! You could always take things to a consignment shop to get some money for them!

Aly said...

My closet is a hot mess! Yours looks so much better than mine- hope that makes you feel better!

In this wonderful life... said...

I have a REALLY hard time getting rid of clothes too! Maybe doing a post will encourage me to finish organizing my closet! Show us when you are done :)

Kelly said...

I seriously have way too may clothes! I find something all the time that I had even forgotten I owned. And usually it is right after I have went out and bought something eerily similar to what I have just found. I'm new to your blog so I just saw your last post about the real housewives. I am sadly addicted to these shows too and Beverly Hills is my favorite. My mother and I are going to California this summer and when we were planning our stops I told her that I had to go see my girls in Beverly Hills.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

I feel you 100%! I can't throw anything away, and my closet is a mess too. Too much of one to post pics. Good luck with your organizing!

kaitlin johnston said...

I get rid of clothes then a year later think .. i wish i still had that .. of course i hadnt worn it in a year before i sold it .. but it was a good shirt.

either way ..

i think you should sell them on ebay or something .. i'd love to see what you have ?!


please let me know if you do :)

The Ratpack said...

I cannot even imagine having to leave the house when it looks like that outside! Congrats to you for being so motivated to keep your job, because I would have quit already to stay in bed! :)

Jenni said...

LOL!!! You're so funny, Sarah. I try to purge clothes from closet periodically, but only cause I'm totally OCD and my closet HAS to be perfect. All matching hangers, color coordinated, and also coordinated by TYPE (all long sleeves go together, tank tops, etc...) It's pretty funny, actually. And sad. ;)

Taylor said...

I actually tried cleaning my closet out was keeping me up at night!
I did manage to get rid of some items..but others (ones which I haven't worn in forever) I simply can't take out! I keep thinking "well...maybe I'll need if for --- occasion" or something!
it's an illness. at least we are all in it together!

Meg said...

Oh lord... I have so many piles/stacks of clothes stacked in front of my closet, I can't even get to my closet! I sincerely have no idea what's in there. Jean jackets, prom dresses, graduation gowns, an acoustic guitar... and that's about .10 percent of its contents, I'm sure!

Ashley said...

I'm so anal all my clothes are color coordinated. It makes picking out an outfit much easier.

Jackie said...

my closet is a nightmare. i organize it and it looks great for like a week and then it goes back to being a nightmare closet! too much upkeep!

Sara said...

My closet is an absolute NIGHTMARE. I cannot handle it. It nearly gives me panic attacks just thinking about it. I've even taken over 2 closets in our guest room and I still don't have enough room for everything. Why is it so hard to give them up?!

Joanna said...

I have a closet full (stuffed full) of clothes and can never find anything to wear. lol. My closet looks a little similar to yours:)

I'm new to your blog and think its great!!

xo Joanna

etta said...

After you climb your way out of yours, want to organize my closet?

Tess said...

hahaha love it!

I need to get my own butt into my closet at do the same thing. Good luck!

mrsashcake said...

lol my closet gives me grief too.. the kind where it screams "everything is ugly... need new!" :)

good luck!

Michelle said...

Let me just say this: at least you can walk into your closet.

I live in a home that was built in 1989 and apparently closet space was not a priority. Neither was putting the sinks IN the bathroom (yeah, don't ask). My closet makes me cringe. Just a month ago, the entire top shelf of the closet came crashing down. Sadness.

Mrs. Smith said...

My friend told me about this super cool trick for knowing what clothes you haven't worn during a season.

Hang them all at the beginning of the season with the hanger backwards. As you wear them, flip the hanger in the opposite direction. Then as you put your clothes away for the next season, you can easily see what you have and haven't worn based on the direction of the hanger.

(Now if only I could get over my utter FEAR of having my all-the-same Real Simple velvet hangers actually not facing the same direction we might be in business.)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I can't get rid of clothes to save my soul. That whole trick about if you haven't worn it in such and such time you should just get rid of it, doesn't work on me. I just keep the door closed.

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