Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello Strangers.

Oh hey, hii everybody! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. Reading them makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world - you all are so sweet!

Between work and the holidays... I have been seriously seriously tapped out in terms of everything except work and finishing my Christmas shopping.

Because all of my extended family lives out of town - and because I can't go out of town for Christmas because of work - I've definitely been running myself ragged to get things wrapped up. Literally.

So for now I'm going to "enjoy" my only two-day weekend in December (today and tomorrow) with a hair appointment, some major shopping (online and otherwise), and a bunch of errands and cookie baking.

Hooray for the holidays!

(And... is it over yet? I'm exhausted.)

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mrs.mfc said...

Awww sorry you're so crazy busy!! Hope you can relax sometime soon!

Carly said...

I hope things slow down a little and you're able to enjoy the Holidays without feeling rushed and stressed!

Kristen said...

just stumbled across your blog today! so cute :) hope you enjoy your days off!!

PinkSass said...

Friend...miss you! I hate how busy you are!!!

Enjoy your days off. Fresh hair...yessss!!!

Allison said...

Enjoy the time off. You need the rest. you'll feel great when your hair is all pretty.

Beatriz said...

Being ridiculously busy is the worst... but finding time to spoil yourself just ends up feeling that much more rewarding when you finally get a chance :)

Have fun! Happy Holidays :)

Amy said...

Enjoy your time off, busy lady. You deserve it!

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