Wednesday, December 15, 2010

F21: It's a Sickness

Since we've been a bit heavy on the woe-is-me posts around here lately... I think today should be more upbeat.

Soo... more F21 finds? Sounds like a good idea.

First up: Glamour Beaded Bracelet.

It's totally tacky and looks like a dollar store find. Wish I could return it... but alas, it's final sale. Oh well.

Next up, the Night Out Shimmering Bracelet. It's sold out now but totally cute. Unfortunately it feels just a tiny bit big... but it's ok.

Next: the Shine Long Cluster Necklace. $6 and totally adorable. Wish I hadn't let the earrings sell out before I ordered. Big mistake. Huge.

Last but not least (for the accessories): the Rolling Rose Cocktail Ring. I ordered the size 7, which should fit on my 6.25-sized ring finger. Unfortunately... it's tiny. And sold out. But I want this ring SO BAD. I had actually tried on one in-store a few weeks ago and couldn't find one that fit then either.

And then, there were clothes. The Jersey Knit Ruffle Top. It was cute from the top... too bad I didn't notice the bottom-elastic. Going back for sure. Weird.

Next up, I wanted this shirt for work. I like the fabric and the sleeve length... but is the cut too maternity? It has a tie-waist in the back, which makes me look about 4 months preggers. Cute! (Eh, probably not a keeper. But I want to.)

Think of all the snacks I could eat wearing this... the possibilities are limitless!

Next up: the Windowpane Sheen Skirt. I debated this skirt at length on twitter but came to no solid conclusions. The fabric is nice in person, which was my biggest concern.

Buut... it just poufs too far out. It makes me look like I'm wearing a hoop skirt. I dunno. I want to like it with black tights (unlike the leggings I'm wearing it with in this pic. Too lazy to change.). What do YOU think?

And last up... I bought the ruffle-jersey dress in two colors because I could tell it was going to be pretty awesome. And I was right! Only $14.50 each! SCORE! Too bad it's sold out in red now... I'd totally snatch it up!

Does anybody like how weirdly similarly I'm posed in both pics?? I mean, I usually put my hands on my hips to minimize arm flab... but the legs - who knows? Haha maybe I should invest in posing lessons for the new year?

So clearly I'm loving on the F21 right now... but for some reason it's totally ruined me for all other stores. Why pay $50 for a cute top when I got a gorgeous dress for $15? Ruined for regular retail.

Which is why I filled my cart and placed another huge order yesterday.

Can you get retail-blacklisted for making copious online orders and returns??

Actually, I'm not sure I want to know the answer.

But... what stores are you crushing on lately? (That is, if your credit cards are not totally on fire from all the Christmas shopping. Cause mine TOTALLY is. Tis the season!)

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm dragging my dad Christmas shopping all day. And by all day, I mean early this morning until noon when we give up and eat cheap Chinese food at Castleton. Whee! Tis the season for spending and eating!

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Bella said...

Actually, you CAN get blacklisted for making too many returns. I know a few people who ordered $300 worth of merch at Sephora and returned $200 and were blacklisted, which is kinda dumb because if you don't live near a Sephora you can't test out colors/products so how are you supposed to know if it's going to work or not? Anyways my bf calls me the Returns Princess because I return so much isht to F21, Sephora and (once upon a time) J.Crew, and so far I haven't been blacklisted anywhere (knock on wood) so I think you should be ok :)

The Wife In Her New Life said...

I actually really love the skirt that you are still debating =)

CT Cupcake said...

I love the skirt too, its very cute! It annoys me how F21's ring sizing is so inconsistent. Despite that, you can get some great baubles there.

MLD said...

I love that skirt as well! I might have to go pick it up.

Sarah said...

I love that skirt too! It looks adorable on you!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I like the skirt. Definite keeper. And I don't think the black top is too maternity. You're tiny girl. No one's going to make that mistake!

Philosophia said...

Lovely bracelets and ring, also the twin outfits at the end (black and green) are adorable on you. :)

Charles said...

Very nice blog Sarah. I enjoyed it very much. All the best.

etta said...

I should have you shop for me.

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