Friday, October 29, 2010

Somtimes You Hafta B*tch It Out

(Ahem, make sure you get all the way to the end of this post. I'm just sayin.)

Ladies, I had grand plans to tell you about this, that, and the other thing this morning. Big, grand plans.

But you know what? Instead, it's been one thing after another for the past 24 hours and I am just up to here in BLAH!

I was going to show you a bunch of new clothes I've been acquiring... but I lost the piece of my tripod that allows me to pretend I'm a supermodel. take pictures of myself. I took it off my camera the day before I left for Chicago... and it's gone. Guess there's a new tripod on my future. Damn.

And then I was going to whine about how it's 30 degrees outside right now and if I wear the coat I want to wear to keep my warm this morning... I will boil to death on the way home or crash trying to take off my coat. I know, hard life. Plus nobody wants to read about the weather.

So, I have this thing where I declare myself too old for Halloween. And then I just realized that I can dress up (within limits) for work on Saturday cause we are handing out Halloween candy. Unfortunately I have no costume and neither do the stores. Crap.

And apparently my new neighborhood is a Halloween Hot Zone and we are getting like five times as many trick-or-treaters as I was expecting. Which means I need to go buy 10 more bags of candy and eat half. Ugh.

Ladies, what's pissing you off this Friday??

Best bitchy rant-comment wins a $10 Starbucks (or Target. Or TJ Maxx) card. Because I care.
(Contest ends Sunday at midnight.)

Ready set bitch it out.

20 Classy Comments:

R said...

Ready for this?

I'm miserable with the fact that this weekend at 26years old I have to go move back in with my mother. Talk about feeling like a failure there.

I am over this stupid diet I'm on. I know in the long run what my trainer has me doing is going to pay off and make me achieve my goals of joining the Navy, but right now i just want ice cream and alcohol and both of those are on the no-go list.

I want to tell my step-witch what an awful person she is. I've never felt such hatred towards anyone and if I don't let it out soon I'm going to implode. People don't purposely do such vicious things to their "family" like she did and to continue to lie about it long after we all know what happened is killing me! You're a grown woman! Own up to it!

I'm not working enough. I left my temp job thinking subbing was going to be steady enough to keep me going and it's not and I'm tired of being off. So now I'm spending my unwanted days off searching for a job that I don't really want because I love subbing but it's not paying my bills.

And lets not even get started on money. I finally get paid today and guess what? It's all out the window for new tires! Can't I just catch a break?

Ok, now I feel a little better. Thanks!

Tess said...

this is petty - but I'll give it to you. It's only 6:30 so there hasn't been too much....however. I stepped on the scale and was met with a two pound gain.

Maybe my dinner of a bagel, english muffin, and some halloween candy was a really stupid idea.

Ashley Paige said...

I lost that screw on piece to our tripod, too. Haven't told the Hubs about that one yet. Ready? My boobs are lopsided. We're talking Pamela Anderson and Kelly Ripa. Thanks, Carter for favoring one side. Just got some birthday/Halloween gift money in the mail. Was super excited to buy Momma some new boots. Got a speeding ticket yesterday. For exactly the amount of my gift monies. I don't have a job. FML. I live 15 minutes away from the looney tune that I call Mother In Law. She asked me if I needed lube post baby.. you know, for marital relations with my husband. She also bought my son a bunch of used baby equipment for her house.. like I'm going to leave him with that nutjob any time soon. Oh. And I still wear maternity jeans. Does it make it better if they're at least designer? Happy Friday... Hopefully this makes you feel a bit better!!!

PinkSass said...

Nothing to bitch out just saying hi!

Halloween Hot Zone sounds terrifying.

ty said...

So far, nothing has annoyed me more than they great bug squashing incident a few weeks ago. Thank God.

Megan said...

Girl, I'll bitch a little because it is Friday! I'm making my costume with two other girlfriends and we're FAILING miserably! We're suppose to be The 3 Blind Mice, and it looks like garbage bags hanging off our body. On Saturday I was suppose to be a couple costume with the guy I'm seeing, but my BITCH boss decided to torture me and make me work..I work in a instead of going out with him I have to deal with drunk, creepy men, instead of enjoying a few vodka/sprites. And to top it off, the guy I'm seeing decided to do Russell Brand instead and this one girl that I HATE just so happens to be going as Katy Perry. Lovely. So, my problems aren't huge..all Halloween related, but enough to just irritate me to no end. OH and FSU lost last night to NC State. haha

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love this and you! I came back to work today after being out of the office for a work trip all week. I found out that we have invited several applicants to interview with us in a couple of weeks that I specifically told the other person in my office not to invite for an interview. Ugh! It makes me so angry! :)

melissa said...

Girl, you are too funny! A gift card for the best bitchy rant - I love it! What a fabulous idea.

I don't know that anyone can beat bitching about lopsided boobs and lube offered up by a MIL - that's just hilarious! So, I'll bow out gracefully and throw my support behind Ashley.

Hope you have a great weekend despite the masses of trick or treaters!

Lisa Moore Gee said...

Where do I birth father is a child molester and my mom still loves him so now I have been parentless and can't convince my mom to leave him so she could be in the lives of my 3 amazing little girls. She won't let me see my younger siblings and makes their lives a living hell if my name is even mentioned in that house. I just got a job and might already lose it due to a stupid freaking arrest when I was 19 that amounted to nothing. My husband just quit his job 1000 miles away to come home and get a job. But he is still in bed as I type this. His last check was supposed to get direct deposited today. it isn't there. He won't get his ass outta bed to call and see what happened, if they cancelled direct deposit or what. I have a house to clean. 5 ppl made this mess yet I am the only one to clean it. Still figuring the math out for that Facebook fan page for my blog got deleted, so I went from over 300 fans to about 14 last time I checked the new page I started. My best friend started dong meth so now I am not friends with her since I am so not into the drug scene. I figured it out when she had me drive her to a convenience store and she bought a crack pipe. Haven't hung out with her since. Sick of being there for ppl and getting shit thrown in my face. tired of being the only one who seems to give a damn about anything. Worried about my rent since my lazy ass hubby won't get off his ass. maybe a free starbucks card would help me a bit :)

lilcherrygirl at hotmail dot com

All Things Cherish said...

This is a genius idea and so much fun to read! My rants don't really hold a candle to the others but I'll just say I'm over the 5 1/2-6 hours I spend commuting to/from work each day and to top it off this morning while driving I made possum road kill...disgusting.

kLl said...

So here it is.

As an MAT student (Masters of Arts in Teaching) I have to complete observation hours in a 1st grade classroom as part of the masters program. I have been going at the same time on the same days all semester. When I went to my time on Wednesday another girl was there. Presumably she is another observation student. She is from my college but not a masters student so she has to be an undergrad. I am annoyed because I feel like as a masters student I have priority. Oh, and this has been my observation classroom all semester! She also kept interfering when I was working with a student. She also did the same to a guest teacher. I can't learn from the teacher with this girl in there or with her interfering with everything. On top of it the teacher isn't supposed to have more than one observation student. I am feeling very territorial right now. I want to scream in her face "This is my classroom. Stop interfering and move on!"

Oh and my advisor told me to email my other advisor who is in charge of the observations bc the girl isn't supposed to be in there but my observation advisor won't email me back. I have to leave in about 10 minutes to go do today's hours. I'm having a hard time not being grumpy and wanting to give the classroom teacher the stink eye for having both of us in there.

Even though you told us to b*tch I still feel a little guilty doing this haha.

Argyle and Alligators said...

I have to say, reading some of these made me glad that my biggest problem at the moment is deciding whether to stay in Boston or move back to VA. I love your idea of a giveaway for the bitchiest rant. I just laughed out loud at work .. hmm embarassing haha :) Happy Friday!

Susan said...

OMG, after reading the previous comments my b*tch seems so lame. Ok, here goes. My 14-year old daughter is in the band and tonight they get to wear Halloween costumes instead of their band uniform. It is SO much fun, specially if you coordinate with other band members so you have a "theme" to your costume. So, she decided that she and her best friend would wear crayon outfits and their other friend would be the box of crayons. Ok, I am very crafty, so I hand made them the cutest crayon costumes and made the cutest box of crayons costume. Now the friend that is supposed to wear the crayon box costume told her this morning, that he left it in the band hall last night and can't find it. I slaved over that bad boy and was so looking forward to seeing my craftyness out there on the field tonight. Thanks for just letting me vent about that! I hope your weekend gets better! I am going to try to remember that old saying "I choose how I want to wake up in the morning... happy, or mad". whatever!!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I live in Turkey. I walk outside and hear the call to prayer while smelling burning shit and breathing in the pollution. HOOAH!

Holly said...

Boo bad days :(
My suitemates have managed to go through 3 rolls of toilet paper in a day and a half. Um, I'm OVER buying toilet paper!

designHER Momma said...

my bitchy rant is pretty short and sweet.
I have 3 kids, 2 of which put huge pressures on me for this dumb holiday. I've done my best, spent my money, and they got kinda awesome costumes.

Today, before their first party of the weekend? They both have fevers.

They are now in bed sick and I'm drinking crappy Busch Light (because my husband apparently hates me).

So, I dare you to beat that.

Andhari said...

I havent got any costumes for Halloween yet. I'm panicking!

Jane said...

I'm unbelievably frustrated that I have been looking forward to waking up this morning ... WHENEVER I WANTED and then just relaxing. It has been forever. My roommate is out of town (said roommate manages to wake me up almost every time she wakes up before me) and so I was thinking that there was no way anyone else could wake me up. 710AM her alarm clock started going off. I had to get up and turn it off.

I'm also mad that I don't want to do anything for Halloween even though I have 2 parties I need to attend.

And, finally, I'm mad because I don't want to go anywhere because my face IS FALLING OFF! Stupid retin-a. It hurts. That's all.

Oh, and finally, I saw Lindsey's comment and that makes me mad for her AND me because she totally has better judgement then anyone else in that office. Trust me. :)

Oooh, that was a little longer than I was planning on!

Rachel said...

My rants on this lovely Saturday:

-I was woken this morning (SATURDAY!) with a phone call from my school district reminding that open enrollment ends on Wednesday. NOT COOL.

- My dog swam at the dog park today and then jumped on the furniture when we got home and now my favorite chair is soaking wet and I can't sit on it.

- My allergies are still killing me. This fall has been pure terror.

...but really, life is good and I don't deserve a gift card. I have too much to be thankful for today :)

Samantha said...

I'm just pissed because I'm probably not going to get to go home for Christmas.

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