Monday, April 5, 2010

I'll Never Brush My Teeth Again

During my freshman year of college, I decided I was going to be one of those students who stayed up late - "studying" and chatting with my news buds and drinking Diet Cherry Coke by the case.

At my December dentist appointment that year, my dentist was NOT pleased.

"Sarah, your teeth look very thin and weak to me. Have you been drinking a lot of soda?"

"Ummm..... maybe."

"Well I just wanted to let you know that all that carbonation and ickyness is reflecting on your normally very healthy teeth. Nothing is wrong, per se, but it's not a good pattern to start."

So I got back to school and gave away a lot of Diet Cherry Coke. And to this day, I tend to buy a case of some soda, drink a few, and try and pass the rest off on somebody else.

Starting on that fateful day in the dentist office, I was determined to health-ify my teeth. (Yes, health-ify is a word. Yes it is.)

Enter Colgate Luminous. The toothpaste that actually strengthens teeth WHILE protecting your smile.
Dude, sold.

I have used this product for 4 years - never once deviating to try some newfangled toothpaste. It isn't so harsh that it scratches your gums (does that ever happen to anyone else?) and it's not so gentle that it doesn't do crap.

About 2 months ago, I noticed they didn't carry this at Target anymore. Or Meijer. Or Wal-Mart. (Ok, I haven't checked Wal-Mart. But I will.)

I used the Location Finder function on the Colgate website and it isn't found - no matter what zip code I plug in.

I have found a few websites that sell it so I will be placing an order tonight. (And if one of you tries to order all of it before me? I will shank you. ((No, I really don't know what shank means. But whoa badass.))

So now I need a replacement toothpaste. I don't really do whitening because I don't think they're very healthy for your teeth. I want healthy teeth people.

Did you know people with the healthiest teeth tend to live the longest?
Sign me up bitches.

Has a company ever discontinued the product you love?

Also, what's your favorite toothpaste?

Share and share alike.

Happy Monday friends.

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Rachel said...

My favorite is Crest Vivid Night White, but I drink a lot of coffee so I need the whitening. I've been using that for probably 2 years and my teeth are still healthy.

Lisa said...

I love Crest Pro-Health

Kelly Marie said...

Ughh :( I hate when company's discontinue great products! Good luck finding a replacement!!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

ugh, discontinuing is THE WORST. i'm still mad at glad for stopping production on one kind of plastic wrap that kinda stretched and stayed sealed...can't remember the name, but it was the best!!

Anonymous said...

I hate when companies discontinue good products!

I use Crest Pro-Health. I love it, and I get it for free at work ha!

Anonymous said...

I use Aquafresh because Crest and Colgate scratch my gums (they are very sensititve.. somebody told me I migt be allergic to them ??). I don't LOVE Aquafresh, but I cannot find anything better.

Anonymous said...

I use the toothpaste with Scope in it, it's the "long lasting" kind, and I can't think of it off the top of my head, but I LOVE ITTTT!!

miss mal said...

my dentist recommended Sensodyne Pronamel for me... I LOVE it. I have really sensitive gums and the Pronamel strengthens your teeth

Jes said...

I'm a soda junkie and Crest cavity protection, the original paste kind, not the gel, is my go to toothpaste!

I had a pair of Silver jeans that I wore till I literally ripped holes in both knees, so I bought another pair and wore them out too (this was over a couple years). Went back to get a 3rd pair (they made my butt look good, I HAD to have them!) and they were no longer being made...I still search for them on ebay every couple months ;-)

Trina said...

I'm not picky on toothpaste. I was once a fan of this Bonnie Belle bronzing gel that they discontinued. But I hear L'Oreal came out with one. I've looked a few places but haven't found it yet.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

I jump around with my toothpastes, but I generally stick with the regular (non-whitening kinds) as well!

Jennifer said...

I gave you an award on Friday!! (I'm a little late announcing it!)
Hope you had a great weekend!

Allison said...

I'm a whitener! I like the colgate or crest mouthwash toothpaste with whitening.

Michelle said...

Crest Pro-Health is what I've been using, but I switched up recently to try their new 3D white toothpaste or whatever it's called. I need some whitening to tone down this coffee yuck thing my teefies have got going on. ;)

As for discontinued products, I totally get you. That's how I feel about my hair color in a box. :( No one carries it anymore except for Ulta and I'm not even sure they do because I bought all they had on the shelf one day (3 boxes). LOL

Sarah said...

If people that have healthy teeth live longer then I am screwed! I have soft teeth by nature and I am always getting cavities even though I hardly ever eat sweets ;(

Sarah said...

I use a Sensodyne that whitens... Pretty much an oxymoron, though, doing damage with the whitener and de-sensitizing my teeth so I can't feel the damage...

And as for discontinued products... Um, do any of y'all remember Jello Puddin' Pops? The chocolate/vanilla swirled ones? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Go to Dollar Tree! I picked some up there about 3 days ago :)

Anonymous said...

Picked up two 4 oz tubes at Dollar Tree today in the mint flavor. My boyfriend picked up a tube in the 6.4oz size at Big Lots in the paradise flavor... the 4 Oz tubes were a dollar each at Dollar Tree. The 6.4oz tubes were 2 dollars each at Big Lots. The expiration date on them in 2012.

Lawrence Gilstrap said...

Well, sodas aren't really good for the teeth, ya know. Its carbonation apparently, causes the thinning of the tooth's enamel. Our family dentists in Collierville recommend effective toothpaste to be used everyday. Though there are products which can be very useful as well, depending on the sensitivity of the teeth.

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