Friday, April 2, 2010

Hi Target. I Love You.

Dear Target,

It's been too long. Far too long.

Back in the days of funemployment, I spent hours and hours perusing your racks for little treasures. These days, I gotta get in and get out and it's been very stressful on our relationship.

But yesterday, I made time for you before work. Priorities.
First up, the Mossimo Black Ruffle Tank. Love. Love the long length, the smooth jersey fabric. I'll take one in pink and cobalt blue, please.

Next up, a question for Target. Why, in the name of all that is holy, are you cardigans so SHORT and WIDE? Your tanks are long and lean... but any cardigan you sell is made to fit on a cardboard box. Which I am not.

(For some reason, I want to exclaim "BOO YOU WHORE" right here... but that seems unnecessarily rude.)

(Couldn't find the link for this one... but it's ok cause it fits me like a man.)

Next up.... the Racerback Bib Top. Which has loads of potential.

Until it's on me.

First off, those pointy boob... things? Are not my boobs. At all. Promise. And also... it's wide. Really wide.

Just say no. If you have my body type, that is.

And last but not least... a skirt.

Because holy cow it's 80 degrees here right now. (Ok, not right now... but later today it will be.)
The Georgette Print Skirt - Apricot Orange.

First off, the way my shirt is tucked in makes me have a weird beer gut... yeah.
And this is a medium because there were no smalls... so potentially it was just too loose on me.

But I'm kinda indifferent. But it WOULD be fun to have some springy skirts in my wardrobe.


Have you purchased anything fun at Target lately?

Not that I caved and bought pink peeps just because they were SO pink or anything.

(Peeps. In my bed.)

Happy Friday!!

29 Classy Comments:

ManoloChooLou said...

I really like that skirt. Is there another Target nearby where you could find a smaller size?

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Those peeps look veeeery good!!

I find that with Target its hit or miss! Boo to that though!

Aly said...

I love that pink tank! So cute. Happy Easter!

Rachel said...

I love the ruffle tank. Just might need to venture to Target myself this week.

sHp said...

First, I'm back to commenting - oh, how I missed y'all! (Even though I "see you" on Twitter - ha ha ha)

Second, loving some of Target's recent clothes, too! Going to purchase the tank in the first pic today - super cute! Did you try on their Liberty of London ruffle top? Gorgeous! I bought the ruffle top and the halter-esque one - so many comnpliments!

Third, I haven't seen that skirt! Must find!

Hope you're having a great day!

Thanks for posting your finds!

PS - Can I have your figure?!!!!!

PPS - JCrew has the same issue, or at least I think so, with the cardis being big and wide. Ugh.

melissa said...

Ha! I laughed out loud at the "Boo, you whore" comment. Great movie.

Love the ruffled tank and I think the skirt has definite potential if you can find it in the small.

Have a great weekend!

Caity said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Target. The hate is mostly the same problem you had which is by the time I get there, ALL the smalls are gone and the mediums aren't gonna cut it. Oh geez.

BUT that ruffle tank is very cute and I believe it need to purchase it in the cobalt blue.

PinkSass said...

Boo, you whore..bahahahahahaha! (This is why we are friends)

ps I just got some liberty of london stuff from Target that I think I like. I should take pics and you can tell me what you think.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

"(For some reason, I want to exclaim "BOO YOU WHORE" right here... but that seems unnecessarily rude.)" = AMAZING. i love it.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I ordered this dress to wear with leggings and got a ton of compliments...

Don't even talk to me about it being too long since you've been to Target though. I have to go a year. Major boo!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

A YEAR?? I faint at the thought. I am just not cut out for that kind of deprivation.

kLl said...

I am going to be going to target today thank you very much. Haven't been much recently but last time I found some great little pieces in the sale section. Target + sale = heaven

Melissa said...

I love that ruffle tank! Looks like I need to hit up Target soon!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I bought that ruffle tank in cobalt blue this past weekend. I love it.
Last year target had that racer back shirt in white only. I bought it and LOVE it. I was surprised that they brought it back and in multiple colors. Sorry it didn't fit you. I haven't tried on this years version. Perhaps they changed the fit up. Although we have pretty opposite body types. I am SHORT. And now my novel is complete.

StillNotIram said...

The ruffle tank looks gorgeous! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

i got the racerback top in while last year and it worked for me..but i don't know about this year!

Your "boo you whore" comment made me laugh out loud!

kk said...

they do fit boxy and wide! this is why i shop the junior section so often.. there should be an in between section.. or a less dorky section. i have the same problem even though i am short and not especially long-torso'ed. i don't get it either. i don't like my shirt sticking out that much under my cardigan. sometimes i find shirts long enough, in the DRESS section. i know, i know.

Michelle said...

I want that tank. Want it. Wonder if I can work it into our budget?! ;)

I just bought a cardi from Target last weekend. They are boxy & wide, but I have a short torso and semi wide shoulders (thanks to swimming) so maybe that's why it works? But, I bought the Merona cable knit gem that was on sale for $14.99. In emerald green.

Oh, geez, just totally corrupted me because NOW I must go to Target in the morning just to see what I can see. Yeah, that's it. ;)

Meg said...

On the topic of Target- I agree with, it is either hit or miss with their clothing.

The ruffle tank is definitely a "must have". Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

I love Mean Girls and 'Boo, you whore' is one of my all time favorite lines. My sisters and I say it to each other all the time. Most people don't 'get' it, which just makes us laugh harder!

I just got the Liberty of London peacock dress last week. I can't wait for it to warm up enough to wear it!

Anonymous said...

Love that first top! I was just at my Target today & I didn't see it...darn

Jes said...

I was just there hours ago, and after seeing you in that 1st tank top, I'm mad I didn't try it on! Instead, I bought this dress ( in 3 different colors!

Breadwinner Wife said...

I love the top in the first picture!!! I need to go to Target and see if they have them here :) My Easter dress is from Target -- their clothes are just too cute.

Legally Fabulous said...

I bought that pink shirt last weekend and wore it out thursday night! got tons of compliments and it was oh so comfy! i will def. be going back to purchase more colors ASAP!

Andhari said...

Cute ruffled top. Pink is really your color, my dear.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Love that first top so much! I'm long overdue for a Target trip!

Wearing Mascara said...

I'm finally getting a chance to comment on this and obviously (long torso and all), I need to hit up a Target, yesterday.

Anonymous said...

don't criticize yourself unless you want other people to criticize you. It's like you are begging for compliments

Clemson Girl said...

Not totally diggin the skirt BUT I do adore that ruffle tank! Ummm yes please.

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