Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shoe Me the Love

A couple of weeks ago, on Saint Patrick's Day, I got an e-mail from DSW.com saying that I would "win" a certain percentage off my order - all I had to do was sign into my account.

Easy enough.

Well I signed in and found out I would receive 50% off my purchase. And y'all know I couldn't pass that up!

Between the discounts I received, I ended up paying $106 for 4 pairs of shoes.

Crazy, right??

So now I need all your opinions because I can't decide if I like them all.

Group shopping therapy anyone??

First up, the Jones New York Wavelength Flower Slingback, $49.95
In Beige

And again in Black

Quite frankly, although I know I'd use the black much more often... I think I like the beige better - it's easier to see the flower detail. However, I think the beige color and my skin tone aren't the best together.... the beige is a little... reddish? I dunno. Although for half price... maybe I should keep them both?

Ok, those were really the only fun shoes.

The other two are comfy/ugly shoes for work.

Aerosoles Raspberry Flat

Despite their uglyness, I kinda like these flats.

Last and certainly least, the Aerosoles Savvy Patent Sandal.

I want to like them... but for some reason they just don't fit my feet. Plus I'm technically not allowed to wear "flip-flop" style sandals to work. Boo hiss.

So.... should I keep or should I return?

Also, where do YOU buy shoes? I am still on the hunt for sandals to wear to work - I hate hate hate wearing socks to work. Ugh. Socks. Sick.

Happy Tuesday!

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ManoloChooLou said...

The shoes with the flower are really cute. That's heck of a deal--$106 for four pairs!

I typically buy my shoes at Nordstrom. For basic flats and sandals I check Target.

anonymous prep said...

I love the first two, especially in the beige! I buy a lot of my shoes online - piperlime is my current favorite.

Rachel said...

I love the black w/ the flower. But for spring/summer the nude ones will be great!

As for the sandals, if they don't fit right, return them! You'll end up just tossing them in the back of your closet after wearing them for a day and ending up with sore feet.

Shelby Bukhenik said...

I LOVE DSW, always can find a great deal and some great shoes!

I think you should keep both heels, but if you are thinking you don't need the black then return them. Its nice to have heels in off colors for different events!

I loooove the sandals too! (the last ones)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I got the 50% off deal too! I'm still waiting for my stuff to come in. I got 2 pairs of shoes, a purse, and a wallet. Were you so excited when it said 50%? Cause I almost peed my pants!

Krystal said...

Good deal for DSW. I do like the beige heels. I've seen a lot of beige/nude heels on chicas and I love the style ! (:

I get my work pumps from Target or Macy's.

the girl in the red shoes said...

I say keep both of the slingbacks. They are really cute and I'm sure you'll get use out of both colors.

PinkSass said...

Ummmm I like you but I HATE feet. (They freak me out!)


MLC84 said...

I love the first two pair of sling backs!I usually buy my shoes at Kohls' DSW, or nine west when they're having a good sale.

StillNotIram said...

The first two heels are lovely! You should definitely keep them both :)
The flat's are ok and if you feel there comfy and good for work then you should definitely keep them too.

melissa said...

I really like the first two pairs. I say keep the nude pair too. They go with everything and will be great for spring/summer.

I typically find shoes at Bloomingdales or online. I like Zappos because they have free shipping - including returns. I also like Piperlime, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and J. Crew for shoes.

THE Stephanie said...

I love the first two pairs! Super cute!! I say you keep them both. :)

Anonymous said...

Love them all but I especially love the last pair! They look so comfy! I buy a lot of shoes at Target--they are cheap and cute! I also love Piperlime and department stores (Bloomingdales, Macy's, etc.).

Caity said...

I agree with you on the beige over the black sling-backs, the flower stands out much more. And I'd say go ahead and return the sandals if you aren't sure, they'd probably end up sitting in the closet, so get something you like more. :)

I usually get my shoes at Target or off Broadway Shoes.

Andhari said...

The black flats are actually cute, as for the flowery sling backs i like the beige ones too :)

Heather @ Brace Yourselves said...

I agree with you on the slingbacks. The beige is better. So if you must take something back then I vote for the black ones.

Also, I really like the last sandal!

Sara said...

Every fashionable girl needs a good pair of nude pumps, so if you only want to keep one of the heels, go with the nude.

I buy a lot of my shoes at Endless.com - they have an AMAZING selection, like 100 ways to search, plus free next day shipping and returns.
PLUS they price match, so if you find a pair of shoes on another website for less (but with shipping), email customer service and they'll match the price plus the shipping is free!

Trina said...

I think you tweeted the link to the flats, didn't you? Seeing them on, I'm not a fan, I think before I said they were ok.

I love the first two though. I'm not a fan of thong type sandals for myself, because they look horrific on my feet. But they look cute on you.

I like to shop for shoes at 6pm, Endless, DSW and Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I really like the beige flower slingbacks. The black ones aren't as impressive, so if I had to narrow it down, I'd go with the beige only. They'd be perfect for spring/summer!

I would return the thongs, and if you really need a pair of flats right away for work, keep them.

I buy shoes from all over the place - Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, Macys, and Endless.

Little_Chick'nFried said...

Shoes are my weakness! I LOVE those black ones with the bow! Great buys!

Jac said...

1. I like the flats and the heels. The sandels are not awesome and, as I also work somewhere where any kind of sandels that could even remotely be considered flip flops are forbidden, I would say they are not good for work.
2. I buy my cheap shoes at Target,J Crew outlet has great casual flip flops, and I love the selection and free shipping returns at zappos!

Happy shoe shopping!

Clemson Girl said...

I like the black better than the beige, totes and I adore those sandals!

In this wonderful life... said...

great find! love the flower slingbacks!

Gwen said...

I love the heels in both colors!!! and I think its funny that you buy comfy/ugly shoes for work. I used to do the same thing. Now I'm on the hunt for a comfy pair to cover me for a few weeks. LOL!!! XOXO

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

At least 2 of my friends have those Aerosoles sandels. One was wearing them last night at book club. They love them! But, if you are not comfortable in them, don't keep them. I've done that and they just end up sitting in the closet.

I love Aerosoles and they have some great styles and prices. I got the absolute best pair of black boots there a few months ago. I also have these in black and get so many compliments: http://www.aerosoles.com/product1.asp?P=CHAPERONE. I like them b/c the also carry size 11s! Although, their sizing can be hit or miss. One of the 11s I tried was too small, one too big.

You can also find some cute shoes at Lands End sometimes. I have a great pair of dress casual (by not sneaker-type) flats from them.

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a great deal! I love the beige slingbacks. I'm catching up on blogs from last week and noticed these shoes in your post about the delia's dresses. Love them!

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