Monday, January 18, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

As it turns out, tomorrow will be my 400th post. I feel like I should have seen this coming but time really does fly!

So for my 400th post I wanted to recap.... well, my life thus far - since I know I have a lot of new friends around these parts lately.

So. If there's something you are wondering about or something I've been vague about... ask away.

There's a $10 Starbucks card (that I bought with my own money) up for grabs. All you gotta do is ask.

What's your burning question?

20 Classy Comments:

Anonymous said...

Hm...what has been your best clothing purchase in the past 5 years?

Also, what is your makeup routine? I love reading other people's makeup-skincare routines! So silly!

Rachel said...

Fun! I feel like I know lots about your style and shopping habits, but I want to know what you studied in school and what is your dream job?

Tess said...

Hmm.....What are 5 possessions you can't live without

Kristin said...

What do you wanna be when you grow up? And if you could buy one accessory right now what would it be? Oops that was two...hee hee.

Becky said... I HAVE to ask something because Starbucks is involved...bribery it works wonders!ha..ha..
Okay-when you do find Mr. Wonderful what kind of engagement ring do you want :) I love to look at jewelry and it's so much fun!

Whitney said...

Okay... had you have known that you and The Boy would be dunzo... would you have dated him all over again? Or do you consider the 6 years a complete waste?!

Allison said...

Wow! That's a lot of posts. I only have about 110 posts now. Thank you for the hair tips. Your hair is so pretty.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Let's see here...
What is your degree in?
Where do you work right now?
What kind of job (career) are you looking for?

jamie said...

If you could only eat food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nsync or BSB?

Friends or Seinfeld?

Marc said...

How do you eat so much and stay so thin? Does it seem strange that I'm probably the only straight guy that follows you and comments on your blog? That's more than one question but hey.

Mrs. McB said...


how are you dealing with getting over the boy?

any dating prospects in the near future?

PinkSass said...


Okay here are my questions:

How often do you say Boom now? :)
Jacob or Edward?
Speaking of - Have we figured out where we are all meeting to watch Eclipse together?

Akirah said...

Where do babies come from?

And do you want babies someday? If so, how many?

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hooray! We both hit 400. Hell yes.

My question is:

I know you love shopping: What one accessory couldn't you live without?

Cole said...

OK... You're stuck on a desert island. You can only bring one person, one item of clothing, one food/beverage (endless supply, of course), and one lotion/potion/beauty item of your choice. What's going with you?

Mindy said...

If you had $500 to spend at ONE store, what would you choose?

Do you think you'll stay around Indiana?

I agree about the questions about your degree and ideal career

Do you have a secret talent?

etta said...

Are you still searching for a job? When are you hoping to move out? What will your dad do for food when you move out?

Gwen said...

Tell me about your favorite handbag?


SouthernBelleJM said...

McSteamy or McDreamy??


Michelle said...

Happy 400th!!


Let's talk about candy.

Sweet or sour? Mine is definitely sour.

Growing up, what was your "go to" candy? Mine was Big League Chew or SweetTarts.

Now that you've "grown up" what is your favorite candy? I still find myself loving SweetTarts (but I'm pissed that they don't make the yellow ones anymore...I hate the blue ones!). And, I really, really, really have a sick addiction to Haribo gummi snacks...preferrably the coke bottles or the sour coke bottles.

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