Wednesday, September 2, 2009

La La La

So, first off, I replied to every single comment yesterday. If you didn't receive an e-mail with a response from me (I'm looking at you Baby, forthebenefit, Rachel, carrie1, Sole Matters, Mrs. McB, Crazypants, Becky, Just Add Water)... go here and read this.

That was my final attempt to be able to reply to all of you... so I just wanted to you know.

Ok, moving along.


Did I happen to mention that I drove 45 minutes (each way) to go to another Target to get the dress on Monday?? I think my dad said something about trying to legeally disown me for craziness or some such nonsense.

And did I further mention that the XS fits better? You know, the one I already had. Heh.


I am on the lookout for some new accessories. I just can't seem to find the stuff I want in stores. Has anyone ever made their own earrings? I love all kinds of earrings but the ones I see in stores are a little too HUGE. I feel like I might be able to make my own and it wouldn't be too difficult. Hmm... stay tuned.


So I was watching the local news last night and I had to do a double take (and take a picture) when this story came on. Can you see this picture ok??

That is a guy who walks on a treadmill instead of sitting at his computer. The company that makes the treadmill desks has all kinds of different desks and functions and I just could not stop laughing.

Can you imagine walking along and someone coming in to talk to you? Do you keep walking? Jump off the treadmill? I just thought it was too hilarious not to share. Maybe if I got one of these desks it would help me with my weight loss goals... hmm.


I'm not very exciting today - sorry about that... hope you are all having a great week!

Happy Hump Day!

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Catie said...

Okay, I think that's done it ... :)

Susan said...

I have made some earrings. Do you have Hobby Lobby near your house (or do you have to drive 45 minues, hehe?)? They have everything you would need to make the earrings and insructions too!

Sarah said...

So the Target thing? I totally would have done that too. Sometimes my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts for going to discount grocery stores 45 minutes away! It must be a Sarah thing! :)

Have you tried Etsy for earrings? They are mostly homemade earrings so maybe they might not be as big? I dunno just a try.

The treadmill-that is crazy. I couldn't imagine doing that at my office however it would be nice to get up and move ever now and then!

Have a great HUMP day!

Whitney said...

:) I love that you drove 45 minutes to get a dress! I would too!

Love the desk idea, but wouldn't want one myself... and that just made me sound like a Hefer.

Ok, happy Wednesday chica! xo

Sole Matters said...

hmmm...i thought that my email addy was linked. sorry about that! i will shoot it to you on Twitter!

carrie1 said...

Umm... BIG thanks for getting me in line with the whole email thingy! Just FYI I fixed that little problem! =)

Thanks Chica!

Sarah said...

by the way i totally think we were meant to be friends!! we have so much in common with eachother!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I want one of those treadmills for my desk!! I HATE sitting on my behind all day.

And I thought the XS fit GREAT!

Annie said...

i NEED a desk like that!
i'm sick of sitting on my booty all day looong!

Lacey Bean said...

I didnt get an email!! And my email address is connected to my account. :( It's ok though! :)

Breadwinner Wife said...

That is a very cool idea, the treadmill desk. I don't think I'd want to be on my feet all day but maybe every hour, walk for at least 15 minutes? I'd be so in shape!

Melissa said...

Your Target escapade totally sounds like something I would do. And that treadmill desk is hilarious! Talk about multi tasking!

Aya said...

The dress was worth the drive..sounds like something I would do! :)

Andhari said...

Ohhh that desk maskes hanging in front of the computer for hours and hours doesn't sound too bad.

ps. how do you reply every comment? is it to their email? If yes, may i know how? Do you have some plug ins to do so? :)

*L* said...

Haha, I would totally drive 45 minutes for a dress. When I need something, I really need it! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, my coworkers and I seriously talk all the time about how we wish we had a desk that would allow us to stand and/or walk instead of sitting on our duffs all day! My two officemates and I all eat well and exercise daily, but it's the all-day sitting that kills us. I would so be interested in that treadmill! And I wouldn't jump off when someone comes in... just keep up my pace :) haha!

Tara said...

Hey Sarah, if you don't feel like making your own earrings and tell me what you're looking for I can check through my stuff or even make ya a pair. Jewelry is something that I do in my spare time. Let me know!

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