Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love Target

Ok, I don't know if I've specifically pointed it out or not, but I love Target. Over the course of the summer, I probably visited Target on average 3-4 times per week. Not even kidding.

So on Friday I spotted this gorgeous little black dress. Of course, they didn't have any size smalls.

So I tried on the XS.

Then went home.

And proceeded to obsess about the damn dress because I have too much free time. I couldn't find it on their website which irked me to NO END.

So yesterday I went back and bought it, in the XS. What do you think?

And the detailing up close:
Sorry these pictures aren't the best... I took them right before bed last night and I was exhausted!

So do you think the XS fits? Does it look super-tight? I tend to think it's not that bad, but I would like it to be longer. I had the customer service person look it up and the small is available at a store 45 minutes away.

And after I started debating if I have time to drive an hour for a dress, I discovered that it's online here. But if I just bought the dress it'd cost me $6 in shipping, which is probably the same I'd pay for gas if I drive to the other store. And while I'm at the other store I'd probably do a bit of shopping at a few other stores, too.

Speaking of awesome things purchased at Target, have I showed you this yet?? I bought this margarita bucket on clearance a month or so ago and I'm obsessed with it. I love A). that it is a cute bucket that serves as B). a container for adult beverage. Win-win situation, no?

I highly recommend serving up the frozen goodies with a splash of orange juice for extra yumminess.

Have you made any fun purchases lately? Target or otherwise?

Happy Monday!

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14 Classy Comments:

Fashion Face said...

Hey Sarah!

I too am a target rat! I troll Target like its my job! GREAT find...I LOVE that dress. It would be perfect for work andddd to go out in! I could just see it with some cute colored tights on under it for fall! Perfect fit BTW!

Rachel said...

I think it looks good in the XS. With it being a tad shorter it will be more versatile. It's really cute!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Cute dress - and curse you for the XS - it might fit my thigh!

I'm at work and I need your e-mail address for the SHRED stuff - will u send it to me?

Whitney said...

Love the dress, and TARGET!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Target ROCKS.

Sarah Rosemary said...

I <3 Target too -- I cannot go and spend less than $50, so it seems. I think the dress looks great. You cannot go wrong with black. My recent fun Target purchases include several headbands with embellishments (flowers, etc..) and scarves I either tied on a bag to dress it up or tied around my waist as a belt.

Breadwinner Wife said...

I think it looks good!

a H.I.T. said...

I think that dress totally fits!

Christa said...

I love Target too! That dress is SUPER cute...I am going to have to go try it on! I think it looks great on you!
And I ♥ Margaritas!!

Anonymous said...

My world without Target would be so sad! I found the cutest dresses this summer there and a brand sparkling new Target just opened 10 minutes from my house!

Baby said...

Ah! I can so relate to the target obsession..

One of my favorite lazy sunday activities is to walk around target and pick up random things that I'd normally never purchase.

Last week I bought a super cute bright blue high waisted skirt, grey boots, the movie "Almost Famous", two books, mascara, and a mirror. $107 later I realized i have an ADDICTION. :)

Glad I'm not the only one!

Andhari said...

The dress looks good on you!:) It complements your body, maybe you should get more XS items :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Love that dress! I'm going to have to hit up my Target to see if they have it!

In this wonderful life... said...

I think you and I are equally Target obsessed! You would die if you knew how close one is about to open up next to my house! That IS the same black dress! love it!

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