Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Obsessed with Target

I'm kinda obsessed with Target.

Literally, actually obsessed.

When I asked for suggestions on where to buy t-shirts, bunches of you said Target. So off I went.

When I was there, I realized that the dress, the one I drove 45 minutes to buy only to realize that I wanted the one that was 10 minutes away at my local on sale. It's only $19.99 right now... so if you need some of that cuteness, go forth and buy, ok?

See, don't ever say I'm holding out on you. Geesh. Kidding.

So, back to my trip to Target... of course I didn't find any long-sleeved t-shirts.

But I did find a cute cardigan... only I'm not sure about it. Not sure if I love it. BUT, it too was on sale for $19.99 so I did the good American thing and bought it, duh.

What do you think?

I feel like I won't end up wearing it very often... maybe the pattern is a bit too bold. Please, gimmie your opinion. Pretty please!


Ok, I mentioned that other day that I'm a wee bit obsessed with Etsy.

But I'm having a bit of a problem. I have spent hours, literally hours, just browsing shops randomly. Do you have a favorite shop? A favorite item you've purchased?

If you do, I'd love if you'd leave a link.

I just recently made my first purchase... 2 pairs of earrings from this shop. The owner of the shop even switched a pair of her earrings from posts to earwires because I asked... love it!

In conclusion, I'd love for you to feed my shopping addiction today. It would make me most happy.

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16 Classy Comments:

Tara said...

I like the cardigan, it's cute. As long as you're not going all crazy and just go for something simple underneath, it'll be fine. As for Etsy, haven't had a chance to take a look at it yet, but maybe I should get a page and sell my jewelry on there. I've got so many pieces sitting around right now and I've been really lazy about selling them..... I always liked Kohls for long sleeved t-shirts. Not sure if you have one by you though....

Summer Wind said...

i love the sweater!it would look so cute paired with a casual black dress or even just a black tank and jeans!

Kell said...

im a big fan of houndstooth (thats the print on the cardigan) so i love love love it. i'm about to go see if my target has one! as long as you pair it with simple blacks and whites it won't come off as too bold. go with a white tee under and black jeans. you'll look fabulous!


Katiesperk said...

Cute Cardigan! I like doing a bold print with a solid color to spice up my wardrobe. I am also that girl that does the sweater around the shoulders so it give me some color!!

Sarah Rosemary said...

Oh I think you should definitely keep the cardigan -- those always, always come in handy. And black-and-white is always workable. What about over that new Target black dress you got?

Heather said...

LOVE! I love Hounds tooth print. Very cute.

Beth Dunn said...

I've never shopped at an etsy yet. Not sure how it works. xoxo

Annie said...

i think there should be a TA - target anonymous for all us ladies that are literally addicted to target! i was just there yesterday, i had to force myself to not go in the clothing section!
btw, the cardigan is adorable! i would buy it as well!

i've never bought anything of etsy but i do browse frequently! ;)

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Cute cardigan, teach me how to etsy!!

Krista said...

Personally, I love this cardigan! Great way to dress up a t-shirt and tank! You should keep it! As for Etsy?? I have been earring-shopping there as well, but I haven't bought anything yet because I can't decide! I'll let you know what I end up buying!

Wearing Mascara said...

I love the cardigan but I know what you mean. It's very bold so u'll have to wear it on a day that you're feeling the same! :-) I do love it though.

Honestly, I haven't had any recent luck at Target. I went about a week ago and was kinda disappointed. Maybe I need to go back and look again - or go to another Target... :-)

Jules said...

I love houndstooth and I'm a fan of the cardigan. I was actually just at Target tonight and saw it in person. I think it will look nice with a plain outfit.

I had my eye on a pair of platform peeptoe grey suede pumps. I need to just buy them already!

I also wanted to say thanks for passing this etsy site. They have a pair of earrings that I love!!

Andhari said...

I have similar cardigan like that. Houndstooth is a classy pattern, wearing it a bunch of times is okay depending on what you wear with it :)

Sarah said...

I love the cardigan! It's so cute!

The Ratpack said...

I saw this cardi at Target too, and I would buy it in a second if I weren't on a shopping hiatus! I love it, and I think it will look so cute on you! Go for it!

Jen said...

That print is so in right now so I think you should wear the heck out of it! Very cute!

I LOVE the dress you linked, but I'm always so afraid of buying stuff online. I feel like I need to try things on before I buy them. The good thing about Target online shopping is that you can return it right to the store and don't have to ship it back.

I'm not addicted to Etsy. Yet. I'm almost scared of spending too much time over there because I hear it is very easy to get hooked.

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