Monday, September 7, 2009

Mish-Mashed Monday

Well well well... here it is again. Monday.

Lately I have been obsessing about clothes. I want to get my wardrobe in tip-top shape. I want to be able to mix and match items easily.

So I've been obsessing about a few things.

Number 1: Where do you buy plain long-sleeve t-shirts, the kind for layering and such?? Everyone always says Gap or Old Navy and I pretty much hate their shirts. It's not that I dislike the shirts... but they always stretch out.

Currently, my long-sleeve t-shirts are from H&M; however, they have changed the fabric content of their shirts so I don't think they are as nice anymore. I'm going to have to make a trip there soon and check it out.

The downside to the H&M shirts is that they can make you stink, so you have to wear deodorant. It must be the synthetic fabric content that holds in the sweat, because I'm oneo f those people who doesn't even sweat enough to need to wear deodorant.

Where do you buy long sleeved shirts for layering? Do they hold their shape well?

Number 2: Sweaters. Currently, I am hating chunky sweaters. Cable knit, which I really do love, just seems so stifling to me. I'm on the hunt for thin, easy cardigans... like the one I'm wearing in this picture.

Do you have any nice, thin cardigans? Where'd you get them??

Number 3: Hola, Etsy. When I asked you all for jewelry ideas, a bunch of you said to check Etsy. I had known about Etsy for a long time... but I obviously didn't understand it. Thank you all for making me check it out! I will probably post about some of my Etsy finds very soon... because I'm obsessed.

If you have a favorite etsy seller... spill it sister!! I want to know!

Number 4: I wrote a post over here about my favorite new show. I'm obsessed so you should go check it out.

Happy Labor Day everyone!! Please spill your favorite places for t-shirts and sweaters and Etsy shops... because inquiring minds want to know!!

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Rachel said...

I've stopped shopping at H&M because almost everything I've bought from them has gotten a hole in it after only being worn once. Nordstrom always has plan shirts and they are good quality. They also always have thin cardigans, so that's where I'll be going for my fall shopping! Good luck!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I buy plain long sleeve and short sleeve tees at Target. They last FOREVER.

Also, cardigans at J.Crew, Target, or GAP. Target has some cute thinner cable knit as well :)

Etsy is my crack.

xoxo sarahbeth said...

american eagle has good plain layering tees, and always at a very affordable price. Gap always does nice cardigans too.

Melissa said...

Target has really good layering shirts. They have just enough stretch in them to be comfy and hold up.

Also, I'm so with you on Etsy. Once I found it, I was obsessed too. I'm on there looking for stuff all the time!

Anonymous said...

American Apparel is a great go-to for basics, they have it all!

Jac said...

Some other commenters mentioned Target for layering shirts and I completely agree. Their shirts hold up and are cheap, which makes a perfect combination in my mind.

Beth said...

So, I've never commented before, but as a seller on etsy how could I not this time? Come check out my jewelry shop
And by the way, I'm having a sale right now!

Baby said...

I am very much obsessed with the long sleeve tee. I love that I can wear them with shorts and a statement necklace and heels to go out in or with a pair of sweats to chill around the house.

I've bought a bunch at Forever21 (for like $7!) and Express also has my favorites too! (a little more expensive but worth it!) They've got that strechy material to them so they never stretch out on you which is the worst, of course!

Good luck lady!

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Long sleeve T's from Old Navy.

*K said...

I have lots of layering shirts from Gap. It's true, they may stretch out after lots and lots of wearing but I think they should last at least a year. And they are cheap. By cheap, I don't mean H&M cheap. H&M clothes are doomed after the first wear and wash, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

For tees, I am a fan of Target and Express. They are both hit and miss, so when I find something I like, I buy several at once!

Krista said...

For my long sleeve tees, I always go with Express or Kohls. The Kohls ones don't last as long (obviously), but they're cheap & they'll hold up for at least the whole season. If you find some thin cardigans, PLEASE let me know! I have been looking for them also! I've been looking for earrings lately -- I'll have to check out Etsy!

Kassie said...

I buy plain tees and long sleeve shirts and such at Target. They last forever, and are made of fairly good material that doesn't wash out. Best news--they are cheap!!

*L* said...

I just got a couple of cute, thin cardigans from Old Navy!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, I love this post!

Try Aerie for the long sleeve tees...I have a few from there and I love the way they feel.

Oh, yes I love cardigans too! I really hate hate hate thick sweaters.

Have fun with Etsy, I love it! Can't wait to hear about your favorite sellers!

Jensmere said...

Hi Sarah...I just stopped by for a visit from Jo-Lynne's place. I enjoyed ready your gave me a smile!

Be blessed,

Sole Matters said...

two words: THE LIMITED. for basically, everything. you should def. check it out!!

Catie said...

Target, JCrew and American Apparel. I find that JCrew runs big and American Apparel runs small, if that's helpful.

Sarah said...

Hey girl!

For shirts you should definately check out

They make the best layering pieces and essentials, in the best fabrics. And their clothes are longer in length, which is awesome for when you don't want your butt crack showing! :) I agree with J.Crew for cardigans, they are the best. And I adore Etsy, there are so many shops to choose from! Good luck!


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