Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friends Rock

Yesterday was quite the whirlwind day for me, for reasons I still don't understand.

I felt all kinds of crazy and just... I dunno. Just one of those days, I suppose.

The highlight of my day, by far, was talking to one of my best friends from college. {Insert cute photo of us here}. (Damn blogger isn't letting me upload photos...)

She is one of my very best friends from college and we are going through the exact same situations right now.

Both of us have been job hunting all summer with zero success. Both of us have had relationships that were "the one" blow up in our faces.

And that sucks.

We chatted yesterday and I think it boosted my spirits more than I can even explain.

But I still have this nagging feeling of pissed-off-ness. If anyone, and I mean anyone, that I graduated college with deserves a job, it's this girl.

Not only is she extremely smart and hard-working, but she is one of the most compassionate people I know. She literally radiates caring... and everyone around her can feel it. People flock to her like moths to a flame.

So my heart is weary today because seriously? Life is so so so not fair. And it sucks.


On another note, the wardrobe catalog was basically a no-go yesterday because I was an emotional trainwreck. Don't know why... I just was.

Hope to get it back on the rails today and have something fun to share tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow I will also have my laptop back from the doctor.. fingers crossed people!

Happy Wednesday!

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Sarah said...

I know what you mean w/ the job hunt. My boyfriend has been trying to find a job since he was laid off last Feb. It is insane out there. You are allowed to have those days of piss-off-ness, just don't let it get you too down. Try to think positive even tho things stink right now with the job hunt.

I'm looking forward to reading about your wardrobe makeover! When you're done can you come to PA and help me with my closet? LOL.

Keep smiling things will be better soon!

Whitney said...

Aww, I am so sorry for you sweetie! It just means that the right job/or boy hasn't come along for you yet- god has a plan for everyone and everything! :) Keep your head up! Your amazing and deserve nothing short of it!

Becky said...

I know life is so unfair sometimes! Boo! I am still praying for you that God has that PERFECT job for you and SOON! Much love, Becky

Andhari said...

Its complicated with the job hunting right now, making me worried since I'm about to graduate real soon :( I'm sure there'll be a great job for you and her.:)

a H.I.T. said...

I hope you're feeling better! Friends really are the best remedy.

Kate said...

The post-college job search can be the most discouraging thing in the world. I sent out close to 100 resumes before I even got a phone call back.

As long as you try and stay positive you (and your friend) will get something eventually. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I know about those kind of days. You are awesome and I know a job is out there for you. What sort of jobs have you been applying for?

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

It is so wonderful to have friends that will share our burdens!

Sole Matters said...

I was an emotional trainwreck yesterday and the day before. is it "that time of the year"? i hope things start looking up for you!

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