Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Animal Planet

Have I mentioned that this new house is basically in the middle of a small patch of forest? And that I'm living in the freaking animal kingdom?


Ok, proof then.

I was sitting at the computer (because my laptop is STILL at the doctor's...) wasting time on the internet when I see this guy:

I bang on the window because, eww, and he scurries away. And about 2 minutes later I see this guy, who I'm convinced is different because I think the first one would have still been too scared to return.

I think they are groundhogs. Is that what they're called? We had one at our old house - one. Here, I'm pretty sure there are millions. And the enjoy the acorns that the squirrels launch out of trees and onto our heads. I mean, onto the ground.

Moving on from the hogs...

When I went to water my plants this morning, I about had a heart attack. I screamed so loud that a neighbor shouted over to ask if I was ok.

I was fine, just got a wee bit of a scare from this guy....

He hopped out from under the hose and just scared me... I almost stepped on the little toad.

Maybe I should have kissed him... he could be my prince charming!


Moving on. So, I've been slowly losing my mind over here. I'm clearly going stir crazy and need to find a job because I've been randomly inventing things for myself to do.

Case in point:

Clearly, I am losing my mind.

You see... on Saturday, I got this idea in my head. I decided it was way too much work and dump and that I should just ignore the thought. I tried, I really did.

Then yesterday came around and I just realized it had to be done.

So last night I got all my jeans out and in the middle of the biggest round of cramps and bloating I've ever experienced, I took pics of all my jeans. With me inside of them.

I'm going to photograph my WHOLE wardrobe, clean out the not-flattering, not-fitting, and the ugly.

And then I'm not really sure what I'm going to do... but I'll keep you posted, ok?

Hope you're not as insane as I am on this lovely Tuesday...

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9 Classy Comments:

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness- when I read that tweet I totally thought you were just kidding! But if your not, please visit me closets soon- they need HELP! :)

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on! Good luck with photographing your WHOLE wardrobe (which is a great idea for finding the not flattering, not fitting and ugly clothes!).

a H.I.T. said...

I've been thinking about doing a wardrobe cleanout soon too. Especially now that the weather is cooler...

Sole Matters said...

oh my god. i think that may be the best idea EVER! i thought you were going to say you were taking pics of shoes or something to put on the outside of a box, but no - an even better idea! a pic of you IN the clothing! I LOVE IT!

Annie said...

i just cleaned out my closet last week. i got rid of a TON of stuff.

good luck with your adventure in photographing everything! that would take me a good month to do!
you're not insane...you just have your mind set and made up ;)

Michelle said...

That idea is totally OCD, but it is freaking fabulous! Hmmm... I wonder how long it would take me to go through my closet.
I can't wait to see what you do with it when you're done.

Tara said...

Ugg..I cleaned out and switched over closets yesterday. Needless to say, Goodwill is getting like 4 bags of clothes I have no need for these days. Let me tell ya what, the world needs a lil more OCD! And the little forest animals...kinda creepy, lol!

KAC said...

I think that is the most awesome idea ever and wish I was disciplined enough to do it. Good Luck!

Justine said...

I tried it! And then I gave up. But I think it's a great idea if you're not a quitter like me. :)


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