Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To the Floor

So, today I sat through 3 classes. They weren't so bad and I brought snacks so the time went quickly.

Unfortunately, in my last class - Women's Health, things got a little dicey.

Another girl in the class, who had given blood at a blood drive, went to the bathroom. She looked pale and woozy, which made me nervous. I was scared she was going to pass out.

So I sat for a while and waited... and waited. After 12 minutes, she returned.

I was so nervous at this point. Sweating bullets and totally nervous. Heart racing.

Approximately 3 minutes later, I hit the floor.
See my goose egg?
It was a bit hard to photograph because it just was.. but there it is.

It's been about 5 hours and I'm still feeling really woozy.
Unfortunately, I have a big test tomorrow that requires memorization of a year's worth of material. That I haven't bothered to learn yet. Damn.

I also work at 8 am up until the time of the test. Double damn.

Rotten Tuesday. Hope yours was better.

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Tiff said...

OWW! I hope your feeling better by tomorrow! I hate that feeling. I have felt like that for months at a time. It's not fun. So glad you didn't get hurt worse!

Island Girl said...

Oh my gosh, I get that way too whenever I hear about blood or medical things...luckily I've never passed out *knock on wood*

Good Luck on your test!

Natalie said...

wow. looks painful! i have passed out a couple of times...not fun at all. once i fell off the porch into the flowerbed. when i came to i started cracking up it was so funny to me! the black-eye i got wasn't so funny though.

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