Monday, December 8, 2008

Time is Flying...

Ok people, long time no post.

Did you hear about my minor incident? Perhaps the swift hit to the floor actually made my brain be all kinds of crazy. Who knows though, I might just have the gift.

Anyhow, my week was a blur of activity and homework (ugh, the homework!).

On Friday, C and I attended a banquet for the football program he works for. It was long but fun.
Don't we look cute?

Then on Saturday my roommates and some friends (and I) attempted a Photo Shoot - one of my favorite school activities. A Photo Shoot consists of everyone planning on showering and being presentable at a set time. Then they arrive to the set destination about 1 hour late (primping takes time, you know) and proceed to take one million photos in the hopes of getting some winners.

This was our attempt at a roommate photo. I am on the left, being a dictator - as usual. The rest of the cast is goofing off, as usual!
And this was our attempt at a big group photo. Honestly, I am disappointed - we've had much better photos in the past. :-( This one is just okay and it's a little blurry to boot. Where did I go wrong?!?! All in all, it was a blast of a weekend but it makes it that much harder to get to work today.

Today I need to:
- Tan for upcoming wedding duties
- Send out invites for the bachelorette party
- Call into my part-time job back home and make sure they don't schedule me for the wedding day
- Write a speech about a social movement. Anybody have anything interesting? Seriously, I have no topic and the speech is in.... 30 hours!!!
- Write a paper, 8-10 pages long, about Pretty Woman.
- Finish a take-home test.
- Schedule a final for Thursday or Friday.
- Prepare a presentation about Autism.

Well, I think that's all....
Have a fabulous week if you don't hear from me again!!

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