Monday, November 3, 2008

I Somehow Forgot to Mention How Awesome My Roommates Are...

Ok, so about 2ish weeks ago was my birthday. And then I dropped the subject and completely forgot to tell you how awesome my roommates are. Seriously - even though they (meaning 2 of 3 of them) can't wipe a counter or scrub a toilet, they are awesome.

So when I got out of bed on my birthday this sign was hanging on the wall over our big framed picture. (Notice the classy editing job I did. Why do we all refer to ourselves by our last names? I feel like we're channeling a middle school gym teacher or something...)

The sign reads:
Dear Sarah,
We know you love to shop and will fill any GAPs (Gap gift card here) in your day at the mall. So we thought we'd help you take your next shopping trip to the Maxx (TJ Maxx gift card here). You might Target (Target gift card here) a particular item when you head out, but we know you'll come back with a few more than that. Happy Birthday girl! We love you and just want you to remember that even though you're turning 22 is doesn't mean you can't party like you're Forever 21 (Forever 21 gift card there).
Your Roomies

Isn't that adorable? I just love it and don't have the heart to take it apart - I might have to keep it up all year. Until I feel like spending those gift cards...

Also on my birthday, they hung up signs of the Top 10 Sarah-isms. AKA, the annoying things I say and do.
Allow me to share:
10. She read it on a blog so it must be true.
9. She is most productive between 5 and 9 am (when all her roomies are still snoozing).
8. She can recite the lines and do the dance moves better than Hugh Grant in Music & Lyrics.
7. She has two boyfriends, one of whom is the maintinance man for our building. (Long story on that one!!)
6. Mandatory photo shoots when the seasons change.
5. Martha Stewart's got nothing on her. Give her some PVC pipe and some spray paint and she's off. (Ohh yeah, I still haven't showed you our decorated apartment - only our hallow cave of an apartment on move-in day. Still working on that one!)
4. Even though her roomies talk about how they can't eat anymore because they are SOO FULL, she always bakes another dozen cookies.
3. She choreographed a dance to Steve Martin's King Tut routine, put it on YouTube, and has a fan from the Netherlands. (25 points to whoever can find the video!)
2. Because she's the boss... (Well, can't argue with that one!)
1. Because she's so classy. (Well, might argue with that one!)

Don't I have the best roommates?

In other news, I FINISHED MY PAPER. Now my phlem-hacking self can finally get some sleep and maybe do anything other than hang out in the library.

Total Library Hours since Friday: 29!!

Happy Monday!!


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A Belle and her Beau said...

that is definitely the cutest poem ever! sweet, sweet roomies :) Happy 22nd

Laurie said...

Your roommates sound like very special girls and I am so glad that you have them in your life!

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