Tuesday, November 4, 2008


October 1986 - my baptism. She was so happy to finally have me.

August 1987 - she couldn't believe the little person I was becoming.

Fast Forward.

Spring Break 2005. Our family(my dad, brother, she, and I) went on a trip to Key West and she was so excited for all of us to be together. I don't think there's a prettier picture of her anywhere.

November 2005. I was finally in college, and she was more than happy to bring my grandpa (my dad's dad) to come and see a game.

March 2006. I took this pic on our 'girls-only' spring break to Boston, where we got to meet my cousin Aidan.

February 2007. Sophomore Parents Weekend at my school. They came up to do all the fun activities and hang out at school with me. She's on chemo at this point, and was sick the entire weekend. I remember that I was on the planning committe for the dinner, so instead of hanging out on Saturday afternoon we were decorating the ballroom. She was so sick she had to leave while I finished up. If only I'd have known then... what I know now.

May 2007. My brother's high school graduation weekend. This is an outtake from an attempt at a family photo. I love my cheesiness and her expression.

July 2007. With 2 of her sisters and mom(she has 8 siblings). From left to right: Mary (oldest sister), my mom, my grandma, Barb (youngest sister). I love this picture. They were trying to post like me and my friends, they said.

July 2007. Our last picture as a family on our last family vacation. We went up to Lake Michigan to hang out for the week. It was such a fun, relaxing time.

My mom died a year ago today. I had rushed home from college to see her one last time, and my dad was trying to make me go back to school the following day. We (along with my aunt, who had come to town to help my mom's recovery from heart surgery) were sitting at the kitchen table pecking at dinner - and then I knew.

She was gone.

I can't describe it, but all at once I just could feel a weight lifted from my shoulders. While I certainly wasn't happy, in that moment I felt relief.

Relief that all the uncertainty would end.
Relief that I would phone home and something else would go wrong.
Relief that the struggle was finally over.
Relief that she was finally at peace.
Relief that I could stop worrying. (little did I know...)


My life has been captured in a series of photos. My mom loved taking pictures - it was one of her passions. I have tons of albums filled with her photos.

I've totally caught her passion.

As I think back today on how I'd like to remember my mom, I can think of only one thing. Click.

I know that all my friends are far too busy and too important to take time to shower and look presentable today, but I am hoping that very soon we can all take a few minutes to capture these times in our lives.

Not only are they fleeting, but you never know when this one is going to be the last one. Click.

If I could ask everyone I see today one favor, it would be this: grab a camera and take a few photos of someone you love today. Don't think, just do. Click.

Mom, I miss you a little bit more and a little bit less each day. It's getting harder to remember your voice - or the things you'd repeat to me over and over - but there's one thing I will never forget: your smile.

I love you. I miss you.


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Kimberly said...

thank you for posting this. i know it must have been hard, but you made me stop and think (and even cry a little). i can't wait to get home to take a picture with my mom. thank you.

Island Girl said...

This is a very positive message. Thank you for posting this - in a time when people are so busy and divided - we need to remember to take a step back and remember what's really important.

check out my blog...I've given you something :)

Laurie said...

What a nice tribute to your mom Sarah. I know that anniversary days can be very difficult. Your right with time it can get easier and harder!

You were blessed with the time that you had with her. It looks like you were born into a wonderful family and one that is very loving. I can tell you that your mom loves you and misses you very much! I am crying so now I will stop. Beautifully written!!

Jeremiah McNichols said...

Thank you, and well done.

Holly said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

Whitney said...

This. is. amazing! What a beautiful way to remember and honor your Mother. I too take a ton of pictures for the memories because you never know what will happen tomorrow...

Jennie said...

WOW - as a mommy's girl this definitely brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad you have so many wonderful pictures to help you remember the memories!

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