Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

As promised, today I will be showing you some of the most classic Sarah Halloween outfits.

This is my 3rd Halloween. I'm with my brother, Andrew in this picture. He is about 1 year old, and I'm 3. He's a sack o' bones and I'm a princess, obviously.

I love this next one - isn't it amazing? My mom made it and it took weeks. She MADE the yarn wigs out of yarn. We won 2 contests in these costumes. And do you see the pumpkins? Recognize them? Bert and Ernie? The pumpkins won a contest that year too!

And this one was definitely a big winner - home-made clown costumes. We won several contests that year - those things were awesome. I think they're the only costumes we actually kept - until we cleaned out the attic this summer.

Ahh and this one - me and the boyfriend. This one was my senior year in high school. We had planned on being a fire man and woman - I was all dressed and ready to go in a skanky little number. Then he knocks on my door wearing the Santa costume. I burst into tears because I wanted to be a cute fireman and why did he have to ruin my life? But then my mom remembered the traditional Czechoslovakian costume we had from a school project in the 6th grade - and Mrs. Claus was born. Crazy, right? As you can see, I'm not so much into ghosts and goblins, but I did (once upon a time) know how to rock a costume. As for today, I will be spending my day in the library working on a 30 page paper about The Gap.

Have a very safe and very Happy Halloween!!


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Good N Crazy said...

The gap? I was already with a sweet reply about your costumes and how sweet your mother was and how my mom made clown costumes when I was kid..

But..The Gap? What the heck?

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