Monday, October 6, 2008

Fast & Furious - but Mostly Fast

Is it me or are the weekends going entirely too fast. So fast that I don't even remember it being Friday.... it's just Monday.

It's even worse because of the fact that I don't have class on Friday, so that should be like a bonus weekend day - every single weekend.

So it's Monday and the only semi-relaxing thing I did this weekend was to watch The Bodyguard. And sing I Will Always Love You 200 times. Roughly.

I baked cookies for the 4 hours of meetings I had on Sunday night.
I cleaned our apartment, which was gross. Do none of my roommates (well, except maybe 1) know how to wipe a counter, sweep a floor, or pick up their hair clumps off the bathroom floor? No?? Oh well.

And so it begins.... just another busy week!! When's graduation??

Birthday Countdown: T-Minus 8 Days


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Mrs. Newlywed said...

hmmm I own that soundtrack from like a million years ago.

...and still listen to it.

Good N Crazy said...


And roommates will never clean up, it's just the deal.

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