Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahh, the Outlet Mall

This weekend I went to the outlet mall. I love it - it has Banana Republic, J. Crew, Nine West, Gap, Polo, Coach - all my favorites. Not that I can afford it, really - but that's obviously not the point.

I bought a black puffer vest at J.Crew. I was so planning on taking my picture in it - but of course I forgot to bring my camera cord home with me. So you'll have to settle for this pic: Cute, right? I can't wait to put some cute outfits together with it. Definitely wasn't a steal for $46, but I think it'll get plenty of use as it's getting colder and colder outside!!

What are your feelings on the puffer vest? I've resisted for literally years - but I just had to have it this time.

I also got a cute tank top on clearance - I'll have to get a pic of it sometime, couldn't find one online.

I'm hoping to get some more shopping in this week - some long sleeved tees and sweaters are definitely in order.

Have you seen any cute clothes or good deals lately? I'm all ears!!


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